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We’re recruiting for a Producer at Hutch. But what EXACTLY are we looking for? Here’s Jay, our Head of Production to spill the beans…

What it means to be a Hutch producer

Hutch is built on empowered teams that own what they work on and have the freedom to develop and release games in a way that works for them. We work to maintain an environment and culture that is blameless, built on trust and psychologically safe for our teams to work within. The leadership team at Hutch are servant to the team, as they recognise that it's the experts of their respective fields that make great games, the talented engineers, artists and designers etc who are best suited to make the key decisions on how they should build games (not someone at the top telling them what to do).

Producers at Hutch carry this mantle and are here to support the team to get the best out of them, you enable them to make great games. You bring together all that talent within your team working alongside a game director who creates a vision, you are the one who works out how to make that a reality. Guiding them through developing processes that work and fit the team, building out roadmaps and budgets working within the teams scope and capabilities, delivering successful games to market and into players hands.

No problem too great

Your talents lie in being a great problem solver, no issue is too big to overcome and resolve. Our producers relish in being able to resolve things and keep things moving. Leading the team through tricky situations and finding solutions which might not always be obvious. Not being afraid of asking the right questions to the team and being able to bring the right people together to find solutions to problems that block or slow development. You are able to diffuse difficult conversations and bring people together and align their thinking.

Champion of Hutch Values

You are a Defender and upholder of Hutch values. Hutch tries to be a great place to work and you are responsible for keeping it that way. We strive to find a great work life balance for all our staff, not crunching, not working silly hours, ensuring everyone is happy day to day. You need to be someone who cares about people and their wellbeing, making sure they are happy so you can get the best out of them.

As a producer you need to ensure deadlines are realistic and manageable and that the team has everything they need to deliver on those, and when things do go wrong you are able to navigate out of troubled waters and make the right calls when they need to be made.

Lean into it

At Hutch we power the success of our games with LEAN development to build great games that players want to play. Being lean does not mean cheap or low budget or low resource in any way. Instead it means identifying what the most important parts of the game are, building those quickly and then getting that into players hands fast. From there we can start learning about what works and what does not directly from the players, we can tailor the game to be what players actually want and develop features and content based on learnings and data rather than simply basing designs on assumptions and guess work on player behaviour. Do not spend forever polishing something that has not been played by real players, you might be polishing a poop! By building games in this way we create great games that are built with the players views at their core from the beginning.

If you’ve made it this far and have read this while nodding your head in agreement, then we’d love to hear from you! More details on our Careers page here: https://www.hutch.io/careers

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