Best Place To Work 2023!

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We've won a 2023 UK Best Places to Work Award! The awards aim to make the video games industry a better place to work in by celebrating the companies that best support their staff and address the issues that continue to be raised by games professionals around the world.

This year, 25 winners were crowned across three categories depending on their size: small companies (between ten and 50 employees), mid-sized (between 50 and 200), and large (over 200 staff). And we're over the moon to have picked up the award in the mid-sized category for the fourth year in a row!

Our awesome People team (pictured) of Char, Becky and Olivia collected the award on behalf of the whole Hutch team. But what does the award actually mean? We've pulled out some of the key details so you can see a bit more of what it takes to win one - and why we're super proud!

  • Winners are decided primarily by an employee survey, as well as information provided by the company itself.

  • The employee survey survey makes up 80% of the final score, and for a company to be eligible for the award, there is a requirement for the % of staff who need to have filled out the survey. For mid-sized companies like Hutch, it's between 50 - 60%.

  • The employee survey is extensive and features over 50 statements that employees are asked to 'strongly agree', 'agree', 'disagree' or 'strongly disagree' to. Staff are also asked questions around how rewarded they feel, how safe they feel to express their views, whether they trust their boss, and ultimately whether they feel satisfied with their employer.

  • Every employee (excluding the senior management team) is given a chance to fill in the survey.

  • Entry is free so there is no financial blocker for any games companies that want to put themselves forward.

If you'd like to read more about the judging process, you can head here.

And the best news? We’ve got job vacancies! So if you fancy joining one of the Best Places to Work in the games industry, check out our careers page:

Find out more about the Best Place to Work awards (including some other great winners!) here.

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