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We're taking part in Movember for the fourth year in a row! Team Hutch will be getting involved over the coming month in various ways: some of us will be growing moustaches and others will be running or walking 60Km in November as part of the 'Move for Mental Health' challenge. We're proud to be raising money for Movember, the leading charity tackling men’s mental health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer, and testicular cancer on a global scale, Movember is making change happen.

9 Hutchies will be growing epic (hopefully!) moustaches over the next 30 days, so today we did a shave-off in the office to give everyone a nice clean slate! Will and George are two of our 2023 Movember crew. so we asked them to share what Movember means to them...


As a man who suffers an ongoing battle with depression and anxiety, Movember stands as out a beacon of hope. Its goal to normalise discussion and eradicate the fear of opening up lest you be judged is one we should all support. Bottling it up, toughing it out, stiff upper lip. These attitudes should be a thing of past. 3 out of 4 suicides in the UK are men. 12 men take their lives each day. Suicide rates of men under 25 are on the rise. In 2017, my own attempts, thankfully, failed. At the time I was fortunate enough to have a good group of mates around me to help. Mates who understood, who were fighting their own battles and through opening up we managed to stay in that fight day after day.

Donations help, of course, but being an open pair of ears, and not a mouth full of questions, is far more important. Let them open up to you. Check on your family, on your mates, on your colleagues. Let them know it's okay to not be okay, as long as they keep talking.


This year I’m participating in Movember for the fourth year in a row. It’s quite hard to hide the fact that you’re growing a mo, as a result I’ve found that it is a great conversation starter and gateway into discussing men’s mental health issues.

As the Autumn and Winter months can be tough on people’s mental health, I think it’s important to try and raise awareness for such issues during this time. By donating and spreading awareness we can help fight issues like prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental illness.

Please check out our page below for more info, and if you’d like to donate, you’ll be helping support men’s mental health projects and funding research to make prostate and testicular cancer a thing of the past. Please support us if you can! Stay tuned for our updates and find out more about our Movember team here:

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