The Electric Vehicle Revolution!

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We've partnered with Octopus Energy Electric Vehicles to bring a new benefit to Hutch staff... Hutchies can now sacrifice some of their gross monthly pay for a new electric vehicle and save up to 40% thanks to savings on National Insurance and Income tax. We're excited to be offering Hutch staff a vehicle option that helps them to have a positive impact on the environment. If you're familiar with cycle to work salary sacrifice schemes, it's like that but with electric vehicles!

As part of the scheme, Hutchies who sign up will also get:

  • Insurance

  • Maintenance, Road tax, MOT

  • AA Breakdown cover

  • A free home charger with standard installation

Jeroen, one of our Senior Engineers has signed up for the scheme and will soon be accepting delivery of his new electric car. Here's what he had to say...

Living in London, we can get away with walking and using public transport for a lot of things, but the moment you want to get out of the city or want more shopping than fits in two bags you’re out of luck. This scheme came around at the right time, as we were looking to get a new car to help us out. The scheme is affordable, covering a lot of the costs we’d have, and having an electric vehicle suits how we’ll use the car while being better for the environment as we use it.

We're excited to be rolling out this benefit - something that will offer Hutchies a cost-effective way to join the electric car revolution and reduce their carbon footprint.

More info on the Octopus Electric Vehicle scheme here -

Find out more about the Hutch Eco Pledge and what we're doing as a company to reduce our carbon footprint -

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