Being a Hutch New Starter!

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What's it like to interview for a job at Hutch? And if you become a part of the Hutch family, what's it like when you start work here? We asked recent Hutch new starter, Adam to share his experience.

The application and interview process

What made you want to apply for a job at Hutch?

I saw that Hutch was trialling a 4 day work week before I was actually considering a new role. I thought this said a lot about the company culture and the leadership team to be willing to try new things and have a clear focus on employee welfare. When the role did become available, this was one of the first things I thought about.

Previously, I was working for a research agency that specialised in online gambling, but I always knew that the gaming industry was where I wanted to be. This new role was a great opportunity to combine my passion with the skills and experience I had. It was a no-brainer!

What was the interview process like?

It was great. I felt really well supported throughout the whole process and had regular check-in chats with the recruitment team between each interview stage.

Across the different stages, it was nice to meet so many potential colleagues. Meeting my team members as well as senior leadership gave me a really good insight into what Hutch would be like day-to-day. It definitely helped to show me that it was somewhere I would fit in.

Have you got any tips for someone applying for a job at Hutch?

Just be relaxed! No one is there to ‘catch-you-out’ and everyone is completely open and honest. Feel free to ask any questions that you have, no matter how silly or small they may seem. Everyone wants you to be certain that you’re making the right decision and joining somewhere you’ll be happy for a long time.

The onboarding process

What was the onboarding process like?

Whilst I’ve needed to hit the ground running and get involved in projects pretty quickly, it’s not felt overwhelming at all. I was immediately introduced to several different areas of the business, helping me to grasp the bigger picture of the company as a whole. Hutch is extremely transparent, so you always know the aims of the company and how you can help to achieve those.

Everyone’s been really happy to spend time showing me the different systems/tools that Hutch uses. You’re not made to feel like you’re wasting anyone’s time at all.

I’ve also been working in a great team where everyone has been incredibly friendly and welcoming, which helped to make me feel settled immediately.

Was there anything particular that helped you to settle in?

I specifically think the mixture of working both in-office and remotely was really good for this. In-office days were a great chance to sit with the team, asking hundreds of questions and really getting to know everything I could about Hutch. Work-from-home days gave me the opportunity to really focus on my own work, explore the different systems and get ‘up-to-speed’.

Your time at Hutch so far…

What’s been your favourite moment at Hutch?

The company-wide Team Day that we had at the end of February when I was still very new. It was a great way for me to get to know more about the people that I work with and a good opportunity to meet new people from other areas of the company.

Everyone had a great day, playing some games and having a laugh together. It really confirmed to me that I’d made the right choice in joining Hutch.

Which 3 words best describe your time at Hutch so far?

Pork and Rice (There’s a great street food market round the corner!)

What’s the most important thing you’ve learnt at Hutch?

That I can lean on other Hutch employees and get their help and input whenever I’m unsure about anything. The whole team at Hutch is incredibly supportive and wants each other to succeed.

Everyone is willing to help out in whatever way that they can and you don’t need to ‘go it alone’ on anything.

What’s been your biggest challenge?

There’s just too many exciting things to work on! With multiple live games, new projects and processes to create, there’s been a lot to get stuck into and divide my time between.

It’s been a fun challenge discovering the best ways to help Hutch gather the insights we need in the way that works best for the company and our players.

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