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We’ve currently got a number of marketing artist vacancies here at Hutch. But what does a marketing artist actually do? Well… it varies! So we asked three Hutchies to tell us more about their job roles and give their top tips for others looking to work in a similar field. Over to Donna, Ahmed and Tabi!

Donna - Senior Artist, Creative Services

What is your role, and what are the typical things you do?

Working as part of the marketing art team I get to come up with different ideas for videos and statics that hopefully make people excited about our games. I then get to make them! What I create is generally used for adverts that people see when playing other mobile games, or on Facebook and YouTube.

The job is a mix of art and data, so another part of my job is to keep an eye on the market and our competitors while also trying out completely new things. You never know what might end up resonating with our audience

What’s the coolest thing you’ve done / created at Hutch?

My favourite recent project would be an 80’s themed video made for Top Drives. I worked collaboratively with my team mate Kaneez to try something totally different that was conceptualised during an artists’ brainstorming session. It was great fun making a lot of 80’s effects and patterns and finding that perfect tune to compliment the visuals. Top Drives is perfect for these themed ideas as there are so many different cars from different decades.

It was great seeing the video perform well too. I’ve also enjoyed having the opportunity to learn new tools such as unity to get custom shots we can’t get in game. We’re lucky to have a broad skillset within the team and are always learning from each other.

Any tips for people applying for a marketing art role at Hutch?

Always be open to learning new things and play the games. What makes you excited to play them? Now think about how you can show that to our audience in 20-30 seconds..

Ahmed - Artist, Creative Services

What is your role, and what are the typical things you do?

I’m a Marketing Artist in the creative services team. My focus is on rendering out exciting images to be used as app icons, social banners and in appstore galleries. I also work on UA campaign videos, iterating on previous UA ads we’ve created and concepting new ideas for future campaigns.

What's the coolest thing you've done / created at Hutch?

There’s been too many to be honest and each project I’ve worked on has been equal in coolness. But I’d definitely put working on the Mini update and Porsches high up there. Playing around with Porsche 3D models is super fun and makes finding interesting compositions more enjoyable. The Mini icons were the first set I got to produce for Hutch and they went down really well with the Rebel Racing community.

That proud feeling of seeing an icon I’ve created for one of our games on my phone or scrolling through Instagram and an ad I worked on pops up will never get old.

Any tips for people applying for a marketing art role at Hutch?

Be yourself, be confident in your work and lead with your best foot forward. Show us work that’s relevant and that’ll get you noticed. When I applied, I mocked up 4 images of racing scenes that I thought would fit into Hutch’s portfolio, matching the style and quality. Do this with your respective skillset and you’ll be ahead of the game.

Tabi - Junior Artist, Creative Services

What is your role, and what are the typical things you do?

Hey I’m Tabi and here at Hutch I’m a Junior Creative Services Artist. I’m currently working on a series of new adverts for one of our games, Top Drives. But since I started almost a year ago now, I’ve had the opportunity to work across all of our live titles. My job never gets stale and that’s why I enjoy it, that and also the great people here.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve done / created at Hutch?

I’d probably have to say my recent ad that I created for Top Drives in collaboration with my lovely team mate Donna. It’s definitely one of the most fun projects I’ve worked on since I joined Hutch. Having free-rein over the concept meant that I could really push myself to try something new. I was inspired by PvP in Super Smash Bros and those epic anime intros that are way over the top. The result was a badass battle sequence with awesome cars and a lotttttt of fire.

Any tips for people applying for a marketing art role at Hutch?

Don’t be intimidated by the interviewing process. Everyone here is super friendly and easy-going, so try to relax and be true to yourself. Oh and this isn’t an official rule, but if you have any cute pets, then you must present them to us on-screen in the cultural interview.

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Fancy joining the Hutch art department? Check out our latest vacancies here:

Note: the eagle-eyed among you may notice that our marketing artists here at Hutch are called artists within Creative Services - but usually these jobs will be advertised as ‘marketing artist’ roles. Both titles refer to the same type of job!

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