The Hutch 4 Day Week is LIVE!

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The Hutch 4 Day Week is LIVE! We’ve just begun our 6 month trial along with a group of other UK businesses and we’re excited for the journey ahead Here’s what our CEO, Shaun had to say:

“For 10 years we’ve ensured Hutch is a great place to work. The 4 Day Work Week trial is a natural next step for us to promote productivity, sustainability and better work life balance for our Hutchies. We want the industry to learn alongside us, and use our results to help make working in games the fantastic experience it should be.”

We’ll be running the trial across our London, Dundee and Nova Scotia studios with support from 4 Day Week Global, a non-profit who are aiming to motivate change in employment hours and showcase the benefits of a shorter work week. For us, an important part of this trial is being able to share the journey with others who are interested in how the 4-day working week might work for them. So watch this space for updates!

The trial, coordinated by 4 Day Week Global in partnership with the UK think tank Autonomy, will run from June to December 2022, with researchers at Cambridge University, Boston College and Oxford University reporting on data collected.

Find out more about the 4 Day Week trial here:

And if you’re a company who’s interested in how the 4 Day Week might work for you, follow us on Linkedin where we’ll be sharing our experience:

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