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Here at Hutch we’ve got a real soft spot for the Caterham Seven, a car that was designed over 60 years ago that traces its roots back to a rickety old Austin. Our Creative Director, Jonny owned one for a number of years and we all grew so fond of seeing it at Hutch track days that we jumped at the chance to add it to Rebel Racing last year!

Here’s our in-house motoring journalist (yes, we have one of those!), Will Beaumont to explain why after all this time, the Caterham is still synonymous with track fun…

There is no rational reason why a car that was designed over 60 years ago should be thrilling and exciting to drive. Not in this day and age with Porsche 911 GT3s, 400bhp torque vectoring hot hatches and physics-defying hot hatches. A car that can clearly trace its roots back to a rickety old Austin should, by all modern measures, be laughable not thrilling.

Yet, despite all rational wisdom, the 60-plus-year-old Seven, first a Lotus and now a Caterham, is repeatedly lauded as one of the world's greatest driver's cars. Even in the year 2021. So it’s very exciting that Caterham and its plucky range of cute-looking open-top sports cars are now in Rebel Racing.

There’s actually a very good reason for this, simplicity. The Caterham Seven isn’t much more than a few bits of steel tube, four wheels, an engine and a driver’s seat. Some versions don’t even come with a windscreen…

Of course, that also means the Seven is small and light. Two very desirable attributes in a performance car. The speed, excitement and absolute driving pleasure they can produce is so convincing that even dyed-in-the-wool modern car fans fall for them. Lovers of four-wheel-drive systems and paddle-shift transmissions, full-systems-on type of people, can’t help but be charmed by a rowdy little Caterham.

Rebel Racers can now get behind the wheel of three Caterham options in Rebel Racing: the 2020 Seven 620R, 2020 Seven 620R Union Jack Edition and the 2020 Super Seven 1600. And we can't wait to welcome more racers to the Caterham fan club!

Check out the Caterhams in Rebel Racing: https://www.hutch.io/our-games/rebel-racing/

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