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The F1® Clash 2022 Season is now nearly upon us, bringing with it a whole host of new feature additions and game updates. Let's take a look at some of the biggest changes that are coming your way...

The Constructors’ Champions (CC) Store

The Constructors’ Champions (CC) Store is the place where you’ll be able to spend your hard-earned CC Points from last year’s Season Score.

If this is your first time going through a Season change, it may be a bit overwhelming and hard to know where to start. There are usually two ways to go about it:

  • Use your CC Points upfront and unlock new 2022 Assets before everyone else to get a head start.

  • Play the long game by unlocking Assets through normal play and then use your CC Points to level them up once you know which ones suit you best this Season.

Team Score

You will find a new ‘Team Score’ indicator in the Team menu. That score is the sum of stats from all Assets currently equipped in your Team, and it is used during matchmaking to find Rivals with a similar Team level.

As it takes all stats into account equally, a higher Team score doesn’t always mean a higher chance of winning: that still depends on your race strategy as well as your car setup and choice of Drivers for each track!

New Rarities for All Drivers

Every Driver is now collectible as a Common, Rare and Epic Asset, regardless of who your favourite Drivers are, they can now be competitive at any level of performance!

You cannot equip the same Driver twice in the same team, so choose carefully.

New assets will also unlock all the way to Series 12 to make sure there is always new content for you to strive for, even in the late game!

New stats scale

Each Component stat now scales up to 70, and each Driver stat up to 80.

This is to ensure a balanced experience throughout the Season, with Drivers and Components now weighing the same without the need for extra maths behind the scenes: 2 Drivers in a same team will be able to reach a max Team Score of 906, and the cumulated Team Score coming from Component stats can reach 960.

More Assets in Crates, lower Upgrade costs!

Since there are more Drivers to collect this Season, we also increased the amount of Rare and Epic Assets in all Crates to make sure drop rates remained the same.

This is why the cost of Crates in the Store has increased a little, but on the flip side all Crate rewards will now be worth more.

One last thing, we also decreased all Upgrade costs to help you progress faster!

Medium Tyres

A long-requested feature was the addition of a fourth tyre compound that would bridge the gap between Softs and Hards.

This is now a reality with the introduction of Medium tyres, which will provide the perfect middle ground between long-lasting and grippy! No more going for Hards just to make it to the end of the race when Softs aren’t durable enough after that last pit stop.

Revamped Reliability mechanic

In order to make car breakdowns less random, we made sure you can see your cars’ condition at all times when racing.

Be careful, once a car’s condition meter drops to 0%, a breakdown is inevitable and you will have to lose precious seconds fixing it. To avoid this, you will be offered the option to service your cars at each pit stop, which takes a bit of extra time depending on your Reliability stat and the car’s current condition (the lower the condition, the longer it takes to service the car, though a high Reliability stat will reduce that).

If you’d like to avoid servicing every time you pit, we suggest focusing on the Reliability stat. It will make your Components more durable and therefore will slow down the decrease rate of the Car Condition meter.

Watch out: your Car Condition will also decrease faster than usual when using the aggressive Engine mode!

As you can tell, we're super hyped for the start of the new F1® Clash 2022 Season on May 9 and can't wait to hear your feedback about all the new features and updates coming to the game.

To share your thoughts, simply head to our official Discord and let us know what you think. We'd love to hear from you!

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