F1® Clash - Upcoming 2023 Season Coin Economy Changes

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As the F1® Clash 2023 Season saw a significant change to the in-game Coin economy, the Team has been monitoring closely to ensure that this works alongside the change in Assets, the general balance of the latest Season as well as Player feedback on how they are earning & spending Coins.

This current Season has seen Players earning the most Coins through Crate rewards but as this takes a number of hours for a single Crate to open, this was not a very rewarding or fun experience for Players. To shift these Coin rewards to feel more rewarding and more frequent for Players, a few changes in regards to the Coin currency will be taking place from Monday, June 26th.

Entry fees will become a more prominent means of earning Coins for players, resulting in increased race rewards. This will make earning Coins faster and hopefully more rewarding with the amount of rewards increasing as Players progress to higher Series.

The above change to Coin earnings in races will mean Players can earn more coins significantly faster than before. Due to this, additional adjustments including the following will be made across F1® Clash to balance this higher earning rate.

  • Coins earned from Crates will be reduced. 

  • Upgrade costs of Assets will increase.

  • Coin Packs in the Store will be adjusted accordingly.

  • Discount rates on Gold, Platinum & Legendary Crates in the Store will increase.

On top of the above changes to Coins the Team is currently working on new and exciting ways that Players can earn more in-game. Please keep an eye on further updates for more details in the near future. A more detailed blog post regarding the Coin economy changes will be available from Monday, 26th June.

As we’re aware that this is a significant change and may require some time to adjust to, the Team will be sending a one-time compensatory reward to all Players of F1® Clash after this adjustment is released in-game.

As always we appreciate all feedback and commentary on how these changes impact Players.

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