F1® Clash - 2023 Season Coin Economy Update

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We would like to address some important changes that will be implemented in the game’s economy to further enhance your gameplay experience. Our team has carefully considered your valuable feedback and made adjustments that align with our original approach.

Entry fees have always been the primary source of Coins in F1® Clash, and we firmly believe that returning to this approach will reinvigorate the excitement within the game. By introducing the potential risk of losing Coins when participating in races, we aim to raise the stakes, motivate players to give their best performance, and intensify the overall experience.

To complement the entry fee changes, we recognise the need for some tweaks to the upgrade cost of Assets. Our goal is to ensure that the process of upgrading remains interesting and engaging, providing a sense of progression and achievement for all players. We want to emphasise that these changes will solely impact future upgrades and will not have any effect on the already upgraded Assets of our dedicated players.

These adjustments will affect various aspects of the game’s economy, including:

  • Entry fees

  • Upgrade cost of Drivers and Components

  • Coins in Crates from Duels

  • Coins in Free Crates

  • Coin Pack prizes in the Store

  • Coins in Spinners

  • Coins earned from watching Ads

We want to assure you that our primary aim is to maintain a balanced and enjoyable experience for everyone. As a result, we will be reducing reliance on Crate rewards and instead, increasing rewards obtained directly from races. This shift will contribute to a more satisfying and well-rounded coin economy.

While Duel race entry fees are changing, Grand Prix Event entry and Grand Prix Race entry fees remain unchanged. Please see the table below for the new costs in Coins in each Series of Duels.

To ensure that players have ample opportunities to earn Coins, we have made some adjustments to the rewards structure. Going forward, Crates earned from Duels will no longer contain Coins to make entry fees the most important source of Coins and make Duels more thrilling. However, we have introduced numerous other sources that you can rely on to boost your Coin collection whenever you require that additional edge.

First of all, we introduced a significant increase in the number of Coins available in Free Crates. Previously, each series of Free Crates contained only 1,000 Coins. From now on, as you progress and unlock higher series, the Coin rewards from Free Crates will continue to grow, offering you increasingly generous bonuses. This can scale up to more than 18,000 Coins in Series 12.

Secondly we have boosted the Coin rewards from both spinners. With the Daily Spinner, you can now earn up to 400,000 Coins in Series 12, ensuring that your daily spins yield even greater rewards. As for the Golden Spinner, the Coin rewards have been scaled up to 800,000 Coins in Series 12.

We genuinely appreciate your ongoing support and the valuable feedback you provide. Your dedication to F1® Clash is what drives us to constantly improve and deliver an exceptional gaming experience. We firmly believe that these adjustments will contribute to an even more thrilling and balanced gameplay environment.

Thank you for being an integral part of our passionate community, and we look forward to seeing you on the track!

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