F1 Clash 2023 Season Score Milestone Rewards

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The F1® Clash 2023 Season Score is here and with it comes potential rewards! See below for the details on what rewards are available to achieve and help start your 2024 Season off with a bang!

Players who have progressed through the Season Score Milestones (details on progress requirements found in our 2023 Season Score Guide) will receive rewards at the beginning of their 2024 Season along with CC (Constructors Championship) Points to spend in the CC Shop.

The full list of rewards and CC Points received per Season Score Milestone can be found below:

Additional to the Season Score progress rewards, a Player's Coin balance at the end of the 2023 Season will be converted into CC Points. The table below displays the required Coins needed for each tier of CC Points converted:

If you did well during the 2023 Season, you’ll be able to unlock 2024 Drivers and Components before other players and get a head start to the Season. You can also choose to play the long game and use your CC Points later in the Season to level up your Assets. The choice of strategy is all yours!

Please note that when the season change happens you will retain any remaining Bucks, Liveries, Boosts & Medals; however, your Flags and Series progress will be reset. Your coin total will also be reset, with any leftover coins being converted into CC Points.

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