F1 Clash Balance Changes

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We’re making some changes to pitstop times in our latest F1 Clash update, keep reading for the details!

Since the start of the new season of F1 Clash one of the main pieces of feedback we've received from players is that the balance of the game has changed in such a way that pitstop times were too dominant when determining the optimal set up for your car. As a result of this feedback and a thorough analysis of various data points regarding how players are playing the game we've made the decision to compress pit times by an appropriate scale to bring the relevance of pit times in line with the other car stats.

For non-starter components car loadouts the general rule is that pit times will halve across the board but some components will actually gain a little bit of time, such that the best possible pit time will now be 1.92s instead of 1.35s. This slight increase in the best possible pit stop time will also help to reduce the occurrence of pit stop animation glitches, which can occur occasionally with sub 1.5s pit stop times. We're going to keep the pit times on the starter components quite high, about 6s if using a loadout of all starter components - but there will be a significant time reduction as soon as you move away from using starter components, to incentivize their use early game.

We’ve also noted your comments that it was not possible to complete a pit stop in a time faster than indicated by your average pit stop time stat. We will be addressing that as well in this upcoming update so that it will be possible for players to post pit stop times faster as well as slower than the average pit stop time.

Finally, here are some tables to show you how pitstop times for all components will be affected at both lvl 1 and also at max level so you can plan your loadouts once these balancing changes have been made.

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