F1® Clash - Introducing Collection Milestones & Legendary Drivers

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We’re introducing some of the biggest names in F1® history to F1® Clash! Players can now add legendary drivers to their teams and lead them to victory. This latest update will see Alain Prost, David Coulthard, Emerson Fittipaldi, Felipe Massa, Mario Andretti, Michael Schumacher, Sir Jackie Stewart, and Jacques Villeneuve join the ranks of the F1® Clash legendary drivers, with more names to come in 2024.

Legendary drivers can be unlocked by playing the newly introduced Collection Milestones reward track and amassing Collection Points. This track rewards players for upgrading their existing drivers, so the more they upgrade, the more rewards they can unlock with their Collection Points. Legendary drivers will be reset with every season change, but they will remain in the Hall of Fame.

Here's what F1® Clash Game Director, Doruk Erisen, had to say about the new update:

The introduction of legendary drivers brings a new level of immersion to the F1® Clash gameplay experience. Having these iconic drivers on your team allows players to relive some of the greatest moments of F1® history and create their own moments of victory as they manage their teams and compete against their fellow players.

Read on to find out more details about these new features.

Collection Milestones

Introducing a new way for Players to receive rare and valuable rewards for their in-game progress. Collection Milestones will unlock as Players collect and upgrade both Drivers and Components, providing rewards such as Coins; Bucks, Crates, Power-Ups, Boosts as well as Legendary Drivers. 

The new Collection Milestones section will be found in both the Drivers and Cars Assets screens. The count of unclaimed rewards will be shown in the top right corner of this button.

Collect and unlock more Assets to receive more Collection Milestones points. The further Players progress, the more valuable the rewards can become.

Legendary Drivers

As part of completing Collection Milestones, Players will now have the chance to unlock Legendary Drivers.

This new rarity of Driver now appears at the top of the Drivers list along with which Collection Milestone is required to claim them. 

Legendary Drivers can only be obtained through progression in the Collection Milestones. They cannot be received from Crates, the Store or Asset Trading. These Drivers also only have one Level; there is no requirement to upgrade them once claimed.

These Drivers are available to use during participating Grand Prix™ Events and limited to specific Event Tiers. Those specific Event Tiers are seen on each Legendary Driver card.

At the end of each Season, these unlocked Legendary Drivers will be added to a Players Hall of Fame, similar to all other unlocked Drivers from the Season. New Legendary Drivers will be available to unlock from the next Season’s Collection Milestones.

Make your collection Legendary and celebrate 73 years of racing legacy with the biggest driver update to F1® Clash, as Icons take on Legends.

The F1® Clash team is super excited about the introduction of Legendary Drivers and we hope after reading the blog post you are too!

Note - All screenshots are "Work in Progress" with rewards and stats still to be finalised.

Find out more about F1 Clash and download on iOS and Android here.

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