F1 Clash Introducing Sprint Race Events

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The F1® Clash Team is excited to introduce a new way to race: Sprint Race Events!

Previous features in F1® Clash used to require Players to earn Race Points. After these features were removed, this requirement was lost and Players told us things felt a little empty. From Update 27, Race Points are about to be important again!

Available every week between Monday and Wednesday for Players who have unlocked Series 2; Sprint Race Events group up to 5 Players in a race of who can achieve the most Race Points, fastest! Players are grouped against opponents based on their highest unlocked Series and must race in their highest unlocked Series to earn Race Points. Players do not compete directly in races against their opponents in their group but compete against how quickly they earn Race Points towards their Sprint Race goal.

The first Player to reach the Race Point goal will win that Sprint Race group's highest reward. The top 3 Players in the Sprint Race group will receive tiered prize crates with instant rewards while any Players in 4th & 5th place will receive Coin rewards. Examples of what rewards can be received are shown below. Please note: The rarity, amount and/or featured assets shown may change at any time.

Once completing a Sprint Race goal and rewards are received, Players can immediately join a new Sprint Race group so long as the Event is still open. Players can compete in as many Sprint Race groups as they choose to during the overall time of the Event.

We're excited to see the launch of Sprint Races in F1® Clash and hope Players enjoy a new, competitive game mode worth loads of prizes!

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