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We’ve introduced some of the biggest names in F1® history to F1® Clash! You can now add legendary drivers to your team, including Alain Prost, David Coulthard, Michael Schumacher and Sir Jackie Stewart.

 To celebrate the update we’ll be posting about all of the epic drivers featured and in this post, it’s Jacques Villeneuve's turn!

Jacques Villeneuve, the Canadian racing sensation, left an indelible mark on the world of Formula One during his illustrious career. Born on April 9, 1971, in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, he was destined for greatness in motorsports, following in the footsteps of his legendary father, Gilles Villeneuve.

Villeneuve's F1 journey began in 1996 when he secured a coveted seat with the Williams-Renault team. It was a baptism by fire, as he faced off against some of the greatest drivers of his era. In his debut season, he displayed immense talent from the outset, picking up pole position, the fastest lap and a second place finish in his debut race at the Australian Grand Prix. His debut season eventually concluded by finishing as the runner-up in the World Championship, narrowly missing out on the title to Damon Hill.

However, the following year would define his career. In 1997, driving for Williams, Villeneuve clinched the Formula 1 World Championship, making him the only Canadian to date to achieve this remarkable feat. His championship victory was a testament to his skill, determination, and unwavering resolve to succeed.

Villeneuve's driving style was characterised by his fearlessness and aggressive manoeuvres, which often led to thrilling on-track battles. One of the most iconic moments in his career was his intense rivalry with Michael Schumacher, with their fierce competition during the 1997 season being etched in F1 history.

After his championship win, Villeneuve continued to compete in F1, driving for Sauber and co-founding the BAR-Honda team with his manager at the time. While he didn't secure another championship, he remained a competitive force, continuing to clinch podium finishes and earning admiration for his skills. Following the conclusion of his F1 career in 2006, Villeneuve had amassed an impressive total of 23 podium finishes and 11 race wins.

Outside of F1, Villeneuve ventured into almost every form of motorsport, including IndyCar where he won the championship and the Indy500 in 1995.

Jacques Villeneuve's legacy in Formula 1 is a testament to his talent, fierce competitiveness, and fearless racing spirit. He will forever be remembered as a Canadian racing icon who left an indomitable mark on the world of motorsports. His name is synonymous with the thrill and excitement that defines Formula 1.

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