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Pit Pass is receiving an upgrade! Since its original launch in June 2022, Players have used Pit Pass to receive a number of rewards and upgrades. In the latest update to F1® Clash even more features and rewards are being added. We've put together this blog post with what these new features are and how they work.

If you're not familiar with Pit Pass; you can read more about it here.

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Golden Username

The golden username is an extra benefit of purchasing the Premium Pit Pass. Premium players will have their username shown in gold for the duration of the Exhibition.

Skipping Milestones

To complete Pit Pass Milestones you need to collect Trophies. Trophies are earned by racing in your highest unlocked Series as well as during weekly Events.

The ability to skip Milestones will be available through spending Bucks. The Bucks cost of skipping a Milestone will be determined by the amount of remaining Trophies needed to complete the Milestone.

Milestone skipping will be available to Players on both the Free & Premium Pit Pass Tracks.

Crate Queueing for Auto-Unlock

One of the benefits of buying the Premium Pit Pass is being able to queue Crates for auto-unlock without needing to be online. This way, you can open multiple Crates with just one interaction and will have all your rewards waiting for you the next time you log in.

Once you begin unlocking a Crate, you can put any other Crate into the queue by tapping on the Crate and tapping the ‘Queue up for auto-unlock’ button. The selected Crate will start unlocking once the timer for the currently unlocking Crate completes.

Bonus Bank

Bonus Bank is an extra, optional Pit Pass reward after you complete every milestone. From this point on, collecting Trophies will reward you with Bucks deposited to the Bonus Bank, and you can claim the deposit when the Exhibition ends.

The Bonus Bank is unlocked when you complete all of the milestones of the current Pit Pass. Once the Bonus Bank is unlocked, Bucks can be deposited into the Bank by earning Trophies.

You can deposit Bucks without a Premium Pit Pass, but you need a Premium Pit Pass to claim the deposit and the Bonus Bank can only be collected after the end of the Exhibition.

We on the F1® Clash team hope you enjoy these new features in Pit Pass!

Note - All screenshots are "Work in Progress" with rewards and prices still to be finalised.

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