F1® Clash - Revamped for 2023

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Revamped for 2023

The world of F1® Clash is about to experience some major changes in the 2023 season. Let's take a closer look at what we can expect from the next update.

The New Power Unit Mechanic

Components have undergone some major changes, the most significant being the introduction of the Power Unit stat and mechanic that replaces Fuel Management. With the new system, your Power Unit bar starts at 70% and recharges at different rates depending on your engine mode. In the neutral engine mode, it recharges at a moderate pace, providing a steady power recharge rate. In power save engine mode it recharges even faster, but switching to the fast engine mode depletes your power rapidly. As long as your Power Unit bar isn't empty, you can switch to the fast engine mode to maximise your car's speed and improve your chances of overtaking your opponents.

Reworked Driver Stats

Two new driver stats are introduced, the first one - Qualifying - directly impacts your starting position in the race by reducing your driver's qualifying lap times. The amount of time saved is proportional to the track's length, giving you an edge over your competitors.

The second new driver stat - Race Start - improves your driver's performance during the first lap of the race. This stat's effect is dependent on your driver's Race Start compared to other drivers, making it essential to gaining an early lead.

As part of the update, three former driver stats have been removed or reworked. Firstly, Wet Weather Ability is no longer available. Secondly, Consistency has been reworked and is now integrated into the newly introduced Qualifying stat. Finally, Fuel Management is now reworked into a new Component stat called Power Unit.

The maximum driver stat is increased from 80 to 99.

Reworked Component Stats

The new Power Unit stat has been introduced to components, which plays a crucial role in affecting the recharge rate of your Power Unit bar during the race. This stat determines how quickly your bar recharges in both conserve and power-save engine modes. A higher Power Unit stat translates to a faster recharge rate, enabling you to conserve and manage your energy more efficiently during the race.

Besides the addition of the new Power Unit stat, former Component stats Power, Grip, and Aero have been reworked into two new stats: Speed and Cornering. Speed improves your car's acceleration and top speed on straights, while Cornering improves your turning speed. Speed, Cornering, and Reliability all improve your car’s qualifying lap time.

A New Duelling System

We've improved our duelling system to make overtaking and defending more realistic, thrilling, and based on the car and driver stats. Success in these actions now depends on factors such as the type of tyre compound used (with soft tyres providing the best chance), the car's speed/cornering stat, and the driver's overtaking/defending stat.

To create a more dynamic gameplay experience, we've amplified the influence of engine modes on the game mechanics, specifically when it comes to overtaking and defending chances. Using the aggressive engine mode will increase your chances significantly while using the conserve mode will decrease them. The Speed and Cornering stats of the car will also play a significant role, with Speed being a factor on straights and Cornering improving your chances in turns.

While we have tried to make overtaking and defending more predictable, we also understand the importance of keeping some unpredictability in the system to make the overall experience as realistic as possible.

Improved Team Order Management

As a Team Principal, controlling your drivers' positions is crucial for your team's success. In the upcoming season, we've made it easier for you to manage your drivers' team order and gain a strategic advantage. You can now quickly command your drivers to switch positions immediately by managing their engine mode. If your drivers are next to each other and they use the same engine mode they won’t try to take over each other even if the driver behind is faster. They’ll change positions only following your command. For instance, if a driver with a low Defending stat is in position 5 and a driver with a high Overtaking stat is in position 6, the driver behind won't attempt a duel, even if they have better speed. However, switching the driver behind to the fast engine mode and keeping the driver in position 5 in neutral mode allows for immediate overtaking without losing precious seconds in battle.

Boost Adjustments

We've updated the Boost effects to align them with the new Driver and Component stats. You can now assign the same Boost to both of your drivers and assigning Boosts has become faster and simpler. Additionally, thanks to the new ‘favourite' button you can easily select your preferred Boosts and pin them to the top of the list for quick access.

Racing Line Improvements

We've improved the racing line on certain tracks to eliminate any unusual car behaviours, as seen in previous instances like Yas Marina or Melbourne. These changes ensure a more immersive and enjoyable experience.

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