F1® Clash - Update 29 Grand Prix™ Event Changes & Bug Fixes

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Update 29 brings fixes to some of the most frequently reported issues and tweaks to the game's economy to provide you with the best possible experience! Let's take a look at the list of addressed technical issues:

Bug Fixes

  • Blue Flags Issue
    Overtaking lapped cars proved to be more challenging than intended at the beginning of the 2023 season. Lapped cars will now yield to overtaking more easily.

  • Sudden slow-down after leaving the pit lane
    Cars used to experience a drastic slowdown at the first corner after exiting the pit lane on certain tracks. This issue has been resolved, and cars will now maintain a normal speed after the pit exit.

  • Exploit of enhancing speed by pitting cars
    Previously, car performance could be improved by sending them to the pit lane at the start of the race or right after leaving the pit lane. This was not intended behaviour, and cars will now continue to race at a normal pace when sent to the pit lane.

  • Unpredictable Qualifying difficulty in GPs
    This issue was most frequently reported in the Contender GP tier, but we also received reports from players across all difficulties. In some cases, players experienced a significantly more challenging qualifying environment and achieved much worse results than usual or expected. Starting from Update 29, players should no longer experience this issue, as the difficulty of GP races will be more predictable and stable.

  • Improper tyre-type performance fix
    Lately, there was an issue with tyre selection in different weather conditions. It was not punishing enough when using the wrong type of tyres. To address this, we have fixed the bug and enhanced the negative effects of improper tyre choice. Failing to meet the weather conditions will now have a more noticeable negative impact. Ensure you select the appropriate tyres to optimise your performance.

  • Fixed Tyre Compound Lap Time Display before race
    We've resolved an issue where lap times for different tyre compounds were incorrectly shown on the pre-race screen. Instead of displaying race lap times in the weather conditions at the start of the race, it was showing qualifying lap times in qualifying weather conditions. Moving forward, lap times will accurately reflect the performance of the tyre compounds in the weather conditions at the start of the race.

Grand Prix Asset Series Cap

Grand Prix™ events are the most competitive part of F1 Clash and we want to make them even more exciting with this update. Currently, the 4 Prize Tiers (Junior, Challenger, Contender, and Champion) are designed to encourage players to choose a Prize Tier fitting their loadout power, with prizes increasing in difficulty. However, we have observed that some players choose to compete in lower tiers to secure easier prizes. While this approach guarantees a reward for players with higher-than-expected Team Score, it creates an imbalance for those who compete in their suggested range, making it overly challenging for them.

To address this issue and promote fair competition, we are implementing a loadout cap for Grand Prix™ races. Each Prize Tier will now have its own set of permissible Assets that can be used in races:

  1. Junior Tier: Only Assets with an unlock series up to Series 3 can be used.

  2. Challenger Tier: Only Assets with an unlock series up to Series 6 can be used.

  3. Contender Tier: Only Assets with an unlock series up to Series 9 can be used.

  4. Champion Tier: There are no loadout restrictions, and any Asset can be used.

By implementing these loadout caps, we aim to level the playing field and encourage players to participate in their suggested Prize Tier. This adjustment ensures that each tier provides an appropriate level of challenge while maintaining the excitement and thrill of the competition.

It will be still possible to compete in a lower-than-suggested Prize Tier but by racing with loadouts of similar Team Scores, every player has a much better chance of finishing the event in a good position.

Adding Lap Counter to Series Cards

  • To assist in pre-race preparations with tyre strategies and to help the onboarding of new players, we have introduced a lap counter to the Series cards.

Increasing the Flag limitation in Series

  • To address the confusion caused by the Flag structure in the new season and help players understand how to progress to higher Series more easily, we have increased the maximum number of Flags that can be collected in each Series. This change aims to reduce instances where players feel stuck, allowing for a smoother gameplay experience.

Thank you for being an integral part of our passionate community, and we look forward to seeing you on the track!

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