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Grow your YouTube, Twitch or Facebook Gaming channel with the Hutch Creator program.

By signing up, eligible creators will be given access to the following benefits to help them thrive:

Dedicated Creator Discord server

Get tips from your fellow creators, share ideas and best practices, and chat directly to the Hutch team!


Where possible, we’ll help grow your following by sharing your content on our Social Media channels and in our games.

Rewards for you & your audience

We’ll reward you with regular in-game currency drops, as well as giveaways for your followers.

Assets & early access

Hutch creators will be given access to official Hutch assets for use in their videos. Where possible we’ll also give you early access to game information and game content.

You’ll unlock increasing levels of support based on the size of your following. Here are our support tiers. (Note: the subscription numbers below are guidelines, we may consider other criteria such as video views when determining your Tier)

Rookie Tier - Join us on the official Hutch Creator Discord server and start receiving support and rewards for creating content!

**Semi-Pro Tier **- Rewards from Rookie tier and…

We’ll amplify your content on our social channels, as well as offer rewards for you to give away to your followers!

Pro Tier - Rewards from Semi-Pro tier and…

Get early access to content to aid video creation and amplification of your content in-game!

How To Register

Creators must have a minimum of 1,000 subscribers / followers and at least 5,000 views of Hutch game related game content.

Sign Up Here

We can’t guarantee access to the Hutch Creator program, however we will review every application.

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