NASCAR Manager open for pre-registration!

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Earlier this year we announced our partnership with NASCAR on a standalone mobile game, and we can now reveal that this new title is NASCAR Manager! Together we’ll be bringing the high-octane thrill and tactics of the world racing series to players around the world.


Celebrating 75 years of history, the United States’ number 1 motorsport officially reaches mobile in 2024. NASCAR Manager invites players to compete in intense 1v1 offline and PVP duels, including monthly Exhibitions and Weekly Leagues to prove their skill on the track.

From recruiting and training drivers, customising liveries and refining their car’s tuning, NASCAR Manager places players in unmatched control of their racing legacy. Players will need a level head to respond and excel in the face of cautions, unexpected twists of fate and more, pushing their car and driver to the limit to achieve victory. Players can also join clubs, competing in challenging exhibitions to win legendary perks and earning reputation for their team.

Players who want to begin their legendary careers early can now pre-register for access to NASCAR Manager. With early access launching in 2024, early adopters will be able to help refine and build upon the exciting core of NASCAR Manager, as well as getting a head start on securing their spot on the leaderboards. 

Here’s what our Game Director, Peter Stott had to say about the game:

 NASCAR Manager is an evolution of what Hutch does best, bringing thrilling automotive experiences to mobile and leveraging the strengths of the mobile platform. We’re offering fans both new and old to live out their wildest dreams of controlling the unpredictable action of NASCAR, and building an unbeatable track record. It has been a great privilege to work with NASCAR, and bring their legacy to life with NASCAR Manager.

NASCAR Manager is coming to both IOS and Android devices for free in 2024, with pre-registration available to players worldwide.

Find out more about NASCAR here: 

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