Top Drives on Facebook Cloud Gaming

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Top Drives is now available to play on Facebook Cloud Gaming!

While the Top Drives team are working hard to deliver the next content update, we have some other good news for you today:

The Top Drives team are happy to announce that Top Drives is now available to play on Facebook Cloud Gaming, allowing you to access the game from your Facebook app on Android, as well as any browser that supports Facebook, be it on mobile, PC, laptop or tablet!

Cloud games are native Android and Windows games hosted and streamed by Facebook. They’re playable instantly, on mobile and web, with no downloads required*. You will need a strong internet connection to enjoy better performance in games.

Top Drives is one of the first games to be featured on Facebook Cloud Gaming and we are very excited about the future of the platform. To access Top Drives through Facebook Cloud Gaming, you need a device that supports the Facebook app, or a web browser that supports Facebook.

*The service is currently limited to USA users, with the native app only available on devices with Windows and Android with Android 7 and above. However, you can also play from any supported browser including Android, iOS, Windows and Mac browsers, such as Chrome, Edge and Safari.

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