The Top Drives Web Store!

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We’re excited to announce the launch of the Top Drives web store! This is a brand new way for players to buy Gold and Cash for their Top Drives account and it's live right now! Check it out here.

The Top Drives web store features limited time offers and web-exclusive deals. Players log into the store using their Hutch ID (found on the settings screen of the game) and any purchases made are added directly to their Top Drives account. Gold offers on the web store will often offer better value than those in-game, so they’re perfect for stocking up before big in-game events.

We’re celebrating the launch of the web store, and Top Drives’ 6th Anniversary with some web-exclusive offers, which will include:

6th Anniversary Free Webstore Bundle

  • 600 Gold

  • 6000 Cash

6th Anniversary Special Webstore Bundle

  • 1430 Gold

  • 5 Slots

6th Anniversary Mega Webstore Bundle

  • 9600 Gold

  • 20 Slots

There will be plenty of special offers in the future and we hope that players will enjoy having a new way to make purchases.

New to Top Drives? Find out more here.

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