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Giving people at Hutch the chance for career progression and opportunities to try new things is super important to us as a company. But what does that actually look like in reality? Here’s Kaneez to share her journey from Marketing Artist to Art Producer.

The Basics

How long have you been at Hutch?

I’ve just hit my 5 year Hutch-a-versary in March earlier this year! Time has really flown by and so much has changed in this period. I joined when we were under 50 employees, and now we’re well over 150! It’s been amazing to see how we’ve progressed and to be a part of Hutch's journey.

What was your first position at Hutch?

I joined Hutch as an entry-level Marketing Artist. When I first applied here, I had recently completed a Master’s course in Games Theory and Design, and was eagerly looking for an art-based job in the games industry. I honestly just started applying to all the games studios in and around London in alphabetical order, even if they didn’t have any roles open haha! Thankfully I didn’t have to work all my way down to Z; Hutch replied back to not only offer me my very first interview, but also my first job offer!! I had a really positive feeling after each interview stage and the opportunity was too good to miss.

Tell us a bit about your recent change in role…

So I actually started as the first artist in the marketing team, and now I’m excited to announce that I’m currently working as the first Art Producer at Hutch! I feel like being an artist-turned-producer from the same team I had worked with has a lot of advantages; I have a deep understanding of the needs of our artists since I had been working as one for the best of 5 years myself, and am fully aware of our processes so I can push the Creative Services team to evolve further! I absolutely did not think I’d progress this far in this period of time, but I’m super proud of myself and forever grateful to Hutch for the opportunity.

Career progression

What inspired you to change your role?

This was actually something that clicked along the way of my career path, rather than a role that I was seeking out. Whilst I was working as an artist, I also helped with Art Outsourcing for a year. Being organised was already a strength of mine, but taking on this additional responsibility helped me to develop my communication skills and really appreciate the importance of collaborating with the dev and licensing teams, as well as to adapt processes so they can run smoother. These skills all translate into Production and I soon realised it was a natural fit for me. My team was growing and there was a greater need for a producer to keep us aligned – so I gave it a shot!

What attracted you to your new role?

I’ve never thought of myself as someone who could lead, as I’ve always been quite a shy person. But Hutch has given me the opportunity to build confidence in myself and explore a new path, so this is something that I've been wanting to challenge myself to do! Now I really enjoy taking a step forward and doing my best to encourage and empower others. This role is attractive to me because I’m finally able to find my voice in a progressive way for myself and my team :)

Did you get support from your line manager? Any other ways that Hutch supported you?

Of course! For a few months prior to my official career change, I’ve been easing my way into production by taking on producer responsibilities for my team alongside my usual tasks as an artist which increased as time passed. This made the transition easier, and my line manager and fellow artists were extremely supportive throughout the process. I’ve also had the opportunity to shadow the other producers at Hutch during this period so I could get a better understanding of the role before going full-time – they’ve all welcomed me to the Production team with open arms <3

What are you looking forward to most in your new role?

The POWER muahaha. Not really – I'm actually just looking forward to being able to empower the Creative Services team and build a closer relationship between us and the other departments within Hutch. Being able to close the gap and also let my team's talents shine in the company as they deserve to be is the goal!

What’s your favourite memory from your last role?

Definitely the first time I got to update the screenshots for the app stores!! I loved showing anyone who would look that I had inserted my face into one of the screenshots haha (bragging rights!)

What do you like most about working at Hutch?

Honestly, I've never once come into work with any negative feelings! The people here are always so supportive and fun to be around. Plus, having a hybrid work from home / office split AND a 4 day working week is an insane perk!! My work-life balance has never been better.

Kaneez’s Career Tips

What advice would you give people looking to progress in their career / change to a different role?

Keep pushing yourself to be the best possible version of you. If you feel like you're lacking in any areas or want to do something a little different, note them down and explore all the possible ways to attain them. Reach out to those around you for guidance – remember, your colleagues are all super cool people that you can learn from. You're surrounded by so much knowledge, so be confident in yourself to ask the questions you need answers to in order to progress :)

What careers advice would you give to your younger self?

You are more capable than you think! Don't be afraid of learning something new; every little bit of experience adds up and is valuable. Everyone starts somewhere, so be confident and keep pushing yourself to achieve more.

Fancy joining Kaneez and the team here at Hutch? Check out our current vacancies here: https://www.hutch.io/careers/

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