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What’s life as a Hutch producer like? Here's Pitu, a Producer on F1 Clash in our London studio, to give you the lowdown! Keep reading to find out what Pitu couldn't do her job without and her top tip for anyone applying for a job at Hutch...

What brought you to Hutch?

Hutch contacted me via LinkedIn during the pandemic period. After reviewing Hutch's profile on social media, I felt that it would be an excellent place for me to further develop my skills in production, I was personally attracted by their focus on people.

Tell us a bit about your role?

Being a producer on F1 Clash, my mission revolves around empowering everyone's talents, helping the team, unblocking them, and creating the conversation around things we need to take care of. I like to think of producers as a backstage crew, championing the team's decision-making process without dictating the moves.

Pitu's Day:

What’s the first thing you do when you get to work?

Well, I dive into emails and Slack messages while sipping on a morning potion — coffee often included!

A typical morning task is…

Morning is usually time for a little tango! All the chit-chat and walking around happens in the morning, I sync with our Game Director and our Art Director, plus, there's a dedicated daily huddle to keep us all on the same wavelength. 

A typical afternoon task is…

The afternoon groove is different, during this time my focus shifts toward working on different process improvements.

My favourite kind of meeting is…

Retrospective, it offers many opportunities - they're like treasure hunts for process improvements and a chance to peek into the team's mood-o-meter.

I couldn’t do my job without…

Noting everything down! I used to use to-do-ist (a task manager app) for it, but now I'm in love with Notion which has pretty cool features that allow you to have different setups so you can go with simple todo lists, create kanban boards, arrange by projects and create recurring tasks. You can also add deadline and priorities, and add multiple notes. Notion is my agenda for work-life and also my personal life.

The best part of my job is…

Helping the team to find solutions, it always feels good! Sometimes teams only need a little push to find solutions out of the box. Helping is like a catalyst, it feels satisfying because the team, who are the experts, are the ones that come up with the better solutions.

The Hutch Family:

Describe Hutch using 3 words…

Transparent, caring, fun

What’s your favourite thing about working at Hutch?

The openness to discussion and the focus on finding solutions instead of blaming.

Any tips for people applying for a job at Hutch?

Be transparent, there’s no need to cap your personality, it's important for us that you feel confident in the team.

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