Me and My Car: Hamish and the BMW M2

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Here at Hutch we make racing games for mobile and that means some of us are pretty passionate about cars. And with that in mind, we've been sharing our car stories every month! And this month, it's the turn of Art Director, Hamish and his 2018 BMW M2...

I bought my car back in early 2021. I had always wanted to join the other Hutchies at the track days, so finally took the plunge and got myself something modest to join in with ;)

I remember seeing an M2 in my rear view mirror a year or so after they first came out. It was quite intimidating seeing that pull up behind you then overtake. I was so distracted by the great proportions and styling I nearly swerved into the verge. I thought I’d read around and find out if it performed as well as it looked. Turns out it totally delivers so I reinstalled the autotrader app and never looked back!

I’ve done a few modifications over the last year or so, some aesthetic and some focus on helping out on the track. These include an axle back Remus exhaust, new suspension kit from Nitron, BBS CI-R wheels and some carbon aero pieces.

I’ve done about 9 track days in the car so far and feel very bonded to it. It’s so planted and agile in the corners with a lot of power on the straights for a small car. The new exhaust is slightly obnoxious when driving round town, but makes it so exciting when driving full blast out on track.

Recently a group of us hired out the Llandow circuit in South Wales and had a whole day with the track to ourselves. All track days are great, but this has definitely been the highlight with my car so far, so much fun and everyone made huge progress with their driving.

I would totally recommend my car to others, depending on what you're looking for of course. If you’re into your track days but also want a back seat, a boot and something that looks great too, then get yourself and M2 Competition. In Long Beach Blue obvs.

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