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Here at Hutch we make racing games for mobile. We’re not all car fans, but some of us are... and those of that love cars, REALLY love cars! Here’s Influencer Manager, Katie to talk about her pride and joy, the Nissan 350z..

When did you get your car and why?

I bought my Nissan 350z as a 25th Birthday present to myself. I’d waited until I turned 25 as that’s when you see the biggest drop in your car insurance. I knew that when I turned 25, I’d use the drop in insurance to get myself something with more power than the history of Fords I'd been driving. The 350z wasn’t my first choice of car, a friend had suggested looking at a 350z when I’d mentioned failing to find anything in my price range. It was the best advice I’d received!

Happiest memory of driving your car?

I have many happy memories with my car. It’s hard to pick just one. But one of the top memories has to be the day I went to test drive the car with my Grandad. He loved the car, and was really happy I took him with me to look at it. 

What’s the best thing about your car?

I discovered the car is Nissan’s Ex-Promo car when I found the “L55 UST” number plate written in the log-book. I emailed Nissan UK’s Marketing Office and had the information confirmed. Whilst the car didn’t keep the cool plate, I did end up buying my own private plate. 

What’s great (or not so great!) about driving your car?

The cost of running/parts/ wear and tear isn’t great, but the fun I have driving this car balances it out. I try to not think about the cost of fuel and other things, instead I just enjoy owning it. 

Do you go to track days or community meet-ups?

Over the 9+ years of owning the car, I've taken it to car shows, Santa Pod Drag Strip, Brands Hatch, Bedford Autodrome and to the famous Nürburgring. Driving the car around the Nürburgring really changed how I felt about the car. I thought I liked the car a lot, but after feeling it hunker down going around the Karussell and the wheels scuffing the arches from the downforce, I was truly in love then.  

Any funny stories about you and your car?

For some reason, the 350Z is hard to identify for non-car fans. I’ve been complimented on my Porsche/Audi TT multiple times. A long-running joke in the 350z community is, when asked “What's the best comment you’ve received about your car” you reply with “I like your TT.”, because so many 350Z owners are receiving the same comments! 

Would you recommend your car to others?

I’d recommend this car if you don’t have lots of outgoings and can budget for it. (The road tax for the 350Z in the UK is currently £630 a year) But that aside, it’s V6 RWD fun. You can also play NFS Underground soundtracks whilst driving around your city, and dream about bringing neon under-glow back. 

Stay tuned for more Hutchies and their cars. And if you can’t wait, check out our Insta for more of us and our automobiles!

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