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Friday is the new Saturday as part of our 4-day working week trial! For the next 6 months staff have a 4-day week with no reduction in pay. One of the reasons we're doing this is to improve the work-life balance of Hutchies, and we're excited to see how people spend their extra time. We'll be sharing their experiences with you, starting with Will, Maria, Mohit, Matt and Josie! Here's what they'll be doing with their free Friday...

Will (left)- As well as working on my personal 3D art projects I’ll be using my Fridays off to brush up on my photography skills. I love getting into central London and capturing different lighting scenarios and I’m so excited that I’m going to have a whole load more time to spend on my favourite hobby!

Maria - I’ll be using my free Fridays to play more games; with so many exciting mobile and console titles being released I’ve been lacking the time to get stuck in! I’m also looking forward to game prototyping with a friend, doing more in-depth industry analysis and dipping my toes into non-gaming products again to expand my knowledge and spend time being creative.

Mohit - I will be exploring London more as a newbie here. Things like visiting the V&A museum and some theatre shows. I might also start back on writing stuff for stand-up comedy gigs and playing badminton.

Matt (left) - I’m looking forward to spending some quality time with the newest addition to the household.  Last year I worked a 4 day week (unpaid) to look after my then 2 year old, and found it helped to build a really strong relationship with my son.  I am thrilled to be able to do that again with the youngest, but get paid this time!  That, and spending some more quality time with my mountain bike- SEND IT!

Josie - I'm going to invest my time in a couple of my hobbies that I never quite have the time for usually. I'm working on my competitive tenpin bowling career, hoping to break into the national tournament scene which I am currently just on the edge of. The practice time will be invaluable. Additionally I'm going to write and record more of my own music, something I've been doing occasionally for a few years. It will feel great to have a day to devote to a track when I want it.

We'll be sharing lots more about Hutchies and how they're using the extra day over the coming months, so stay tuned!

Find out more about the 4 Day Week trial here:

And if you’re a company who’s interested in how the 4 Day Week might work for you, follow us on LinkedIn where we’ll be sharing our experience:

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