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We're over a month into our trial of a 4 Day Week here at Hutch and it's great to see all the different ways Hutchies are spending their free Fridays. Whether it's spending more time with family, learning to play the guitar or finally finishing Elden Ring! Here's how Kimberly, Viv, Jesse, Adam and Peter are spending their extra day...

Kim (left) - As the office coordinator for Hutch Canada, along with being a full time mom and fitness instructor I am often busy managing things for the team and my household and planning classes and programs for clients. This can leave very little time for myself.

I plan to spend my free Fridays not scheduling or planning anything at all aside from the odd self care appointment. I would rather take the time to flow in nature, hiking in the woods, walking on the beach, enjoying a kayak at the lake, getting dirty on the ATVs or simply meditating in my garden. Basically a full non-structured day to go with the flow and enjoy every moment as it comes.

Jesse - I’ve been struggling to find time to work on my garden - it’s mostly wilderness so quite a project! - and not only have my Fridays helped make some progress there, I’ve also started sketching out plans to build a new shed by autumn. I used to do lots of gardening with my grandma and so knew I liked it, but forgot just how therapeutic it is for me to put down a screen and pick up a trowel.

Adam - I love the flexibility of having an extra day. I can use it to develop skills such as Python programming if I feel productive, I can go running or walking in the Scottish countryside if I need a break, and I can volunteer. Most recently I've been helping a friend refurbish his house, but I'd also like to start helping FareShare, a food poverty charity in Dundee.

Viv (left) - Alongside doing some boring chores around the house, I've been using my Fridays to practice art! Me and two friends have started a small art club where we have a monthly theme and come together at the end to show each other our work and get constructive feedback. For our latest session we got to physically meet up and even made some brownies together!

Peter - Since having a baby earlier this year, having Fridays at home is invaluable. Between taking care of our little one and redecorating our home, I also love having some time to myself spent in the garden or keeping my various bonsai trees healthy.

We'll be sharing lots more about Hutchies and how they're using the extra day over the coming months, so stay tuned!

Find out more about the 4 Day Week trial here:

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