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Now that we're officially a 4 Day Week company, Friday is the new Saturday! We're all loving the 3 day weekend and the extra day gives us an opportunity to do all kinds of different things. Whether it's spending more time with family, learning to play the guitar or finally finishing Elden Ring! Here's how Vi, our Brand and Marketing Associate, has been spending her Fridays...

How do you spend your Fridays?

At someone who grew up in London, I didn't learn to drive, but am now finally taking the plunge and taking driving lessons (which is a feat I didn’t think I’d ever get to achieve).

Would you be able to do this without free Fridays?

Driving lessons are heavily oversubscribed for the weekend and evenings, so having Friday’s free has made it a lot easier to book lessons with an instructor. Also having a whole day free to drive takes the pressure off of having to slot a lesson into a busy work week. I get to dedicate a day to it which is ideal for a nervous first time driver like myself.

Have your free Fridays affected your health positively at all?

Absolutely. Having the extra day to recentre is really important and gives me more time to breath in between busy work weeks. It’s a day I get to spend spontaneously and not have to plan what I am doing.

How did you find adapting to a 4 Day Week? Any challenges or tips / hacks you came across that helped you adapt?

I love the 4 day work week. I’m not sure how I could ever go back to a 5 day work week now. Working on the brand team, we tend to have a lot of meetings and that meant fitting everything into 4 days was tough to start with. But as a company we've all got better at reducing meeting times, plus we now have a dedicated 2 hours of undisturbed meeting free time every Wednesday, which really helps us to crack on with work in between meetings.

Any plans for future Fridays?

After I pass my test (If I do) I would love to spend this time to pick up another skill. Preferably something creative, involving my hands eg, pottery, woodwork or gardening. Other then that I’ll be keeping it free for some much needed ‘me’ time.

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