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We've got a fair few car fans here at Hutch with a wide variety of automobiles between us! One of our 3D Artists, Ben is a fan of the classics, including his pride and joy, a BMW 635CSi. Here's Ben to tell us more...

When did you get your car and why?

I've always liked the classics, something about the styling and body lines of cars pre 2000 just speak to something higher than drag-coefficients and MPG numbers, a little more human perhaps.

I’ve owned my 635csi for around 6 months, although I owned another similar one for a similar length before that. In short, I got it because it looks nice, timeless lines etc, and because I have a thing for the big coupes of the late 70s to 80s. True grand tourers if you ask me. And just practical enough to still be a good daily driver.

What’s the best thing about your car?

It's a pleasure to drive, mostly. When there's decent weather and okay roads, it will eat up the miles (while I'm listening to my cassettes of course). I've got the auto box as it's a fair bit cheaper, but in a car like this it's just fine. It's no nimble sports car but it can hold its own in the twistys if you're careful. And I've since added a strut bar up front which definitely helps.

What’s great (or not so great!) about driving your car?

As I alluded to before, if the weather is not so great, this is where the car will show its age. The windows fog quickly and easily, there are no rear wipers, and you become keenly aware of the lack of modern driver aids like traction control. Despite that I did take it to Wales one snowy weekend. And if you ignore the front bumper scraping the ground and sliding on some icy roads, it was great fun.

Do you go to track days or community meet-ups?

I plan to take it to some Hutch track days, so that will be interesting. I've taken it to a few shows and it always catches compliments.

Would you recommend your car to others?

Overall I would recommend this car to others so long as they are ready to deal with the typical rust and maintenance issues that BMWs of this era are known for.

Stay tuned for more Hutchies and their cars!

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