Donna's Hutch-A-Versary!

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Happy Hutch-A-Versary to Donna! She's a Senior Artist in the Creative Services team and is based in our Dundee office. Keep reading to find out Donna's favourite Hutch moment and how she spends her extra day off now that we have a 4 Day Week...

The Basics

What’s your job role at Hutch?

Working as part of the marketing art team I get to come up with different ideas for videos and statics that hopefully make people excited about our games. I then get to make them. The job is a mix of art and data, so another part of my job is to keep an eye on the market and our competitors while also trying out completely new things. You never know what might end up resonating with our audience

How many years of Hutch are you celebrating?

3 years! It’s really flown by.

Being a Hutchie...

What’s been your favourite moment at Hutch?

There are a few. Hutch bringing in the four day week was definitely a highlight, but traveling to the London office to celebrate the summer party was really special. It was great to spend time with the rest of the team in person and celebrate everyone from all the offices being together for the first since lockdown.

Which 3 words best describe your time at Hutch so far?

  • Learning, teamwork, creativity

If Hutch was a car, what would it be?

I have to admit I’m not that much of a car person. Maybe I’ll say a Tesla Model S. Because it’s eco friendly but still fast.

What is your favourite Hutch benefit? How do you use it?

Definitely the four day week. That work life balance is invaluable. I use it to get those annoying chores out of the way before the weekend, go to the gym and also work on my own art.

Donna's role...

What’s the most important thing you’ve learnt at Hutch?

The importance of team work. Not just within your own team, but between other teams within the studio. We are all working towards the same goal and it’s great we can all work together to achieve this.

What’s been your biggest challenge?

Accepting that sometimes a video you poured your heart and soul into might not work. When this happens it’s important to remember that we still gained valuable data from it, and also possibly learned a few new art tricks! 

What advice would you give to someone interested in doing a similar role?

My advice would be to always be open to learning new things, keep an eye on the current market and play the games. What makes you excited to play them? How can we show that to our audience in 20-30 seconds?

Car Stuff...

How much do you like cars?

I like my car and how it gets me places!

What would be your dream car?

Honestly some kind of Tesla, but I also have a soft spot for the old Mk1 VW golf cabby (in gold with a white roof to be specific)

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