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This year we're proudly supporting Movember again, a charity that aims to shine a light on men’s health issues and get men talking more about their mental health. To help raise awareness, 6 of us are taking this month. Some of us are growing the best moustache we can muster and some of us are doing a push up and squat challenge - all over the course of 30 days!

Will, one of our 3D Artists is growing a mo and here's why he's getting involved with Movember this year...

How’s it going?

It’s going quite well so far, although when I ask how good my moustache looks I tend to get a bit of a mixed reaction. Normally I grow what I call ‘The Cowboy’, however I had a bit of a shaving accident and I cut the tails of my mo off by accident, so now I’m just growing a standard moustache. One of the things I enjoy the most is wearing some of my open collar 1970s shirts with my mo.

What inspired you to get involved with Movember this year?

The first time I took part in Movember was during one of the 2020 lockdowns, so it was a fairly safe way to give growing a mo a try while supporting a great cause. I enjoyed taking part so much that I’ve done it both years since.

What does Movember mean to you?

To me Movember isn’t just about raising money, it’s about pushing yourself to do something you wouldn’t normally do and in turn create a talking point among your social group that gives you a reason to discuss men’s health issues. 

The autumn and winter months can be particularly difficult for people’s mental health, so it’s really important that we take this time to put a focus on mental health in general. It’s also worth noting that Movember has a tool called Movember Conversations to help you learn what the right responses might be to certain topics when you think you have a friend who might need some mental health support: https://conversations.movember.com/en-gb/

How do you feel when people donate?

Really happy! I always say to my family and friends, if you don’t want the Mo to stay you’ve gotta pay!

Any words of encouragement for those who might be thinking of taking part next year?

It’s worth taking part at least once. It’s just one month of your life, give it a go! It may be one of the best things you ever do.

Stay tuned for our updates and find out more about our Movember, team here: https://uk.movember.com/team/2373778

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