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We’re recruiting for a UI Artist here at Hutch! Want to know more? We’ve picked the brains of Art Director, Rav to spill the job spec beans…

We need you! We’re hunting for top notch UI artists who enjoy autonomy & ownership of their work and want to bring a game’s vision to life.

UI artists are an extremely rare breed of artist. Amazing UI artists are even more difficult to find, some say they are even more rare and difficult to find than Nessy, Bigfoot & the Abominable Snowman. But we know you’re out there!

If you’re the right fit, you’ll bring your UI UX expertise with you and work alongside both art and game directors to help build cutting edge entertainment. You will play a major role in defining the look and feel of the UI - be it typography, layout design or animation & transitions. And you’ll be a super-skilled craftsperson that unifies the various parts of the game and brings them together to make a cohesive visual experience.

Youll be working extensively with artists, client engineers & other very cool people to share your ideas, and find solutions to creative and technical challenges. Your UI will enhance the visual experience and complement the ingame 3D art including vehicles, props & amazing environment landscapes.

Did you just read all that thinking ‘Yes! That’s me!’? Then, come join us and put your rubber stamp on our games!

More details on our Careers page here: https://www.hutch.io/careers

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