Modern Slavery Statement

Modern Slavery statement

Hutch Games Ltd (“Hutch”), a mobile gaming developer and publisher, with headquarters in London, United Kingdom. Hutch operates globally, including in the United Kingdom. Further information about Hutch is available at Hutch’s website at: Hutch is owned by Modern Times Group (“MTG”). Further information about MTG group of companies (“MTG Group”) is available at MTG’s website at:

This statement is made and adopted by Hutch, pursuant to the requirements of Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015. The statement outlines activities undertaken by Hutch to identify and mitigate the potential risk of modern slavery related to its business operations and supply chain during the financial year ending 31 December 2022.

Standards of Business Conduct

As a responsible global business, Hutch strives to uphold international initiatives and standards such as the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. All forms of modern slavery, forced labour, child labour, exploitation and discrimination are prohibited at Hutch.

Having become part of the MTG Group in December 2020, Hutch has adopted MTG’s Code of Conduct (the “Code”) and is working towards the adoption of MTG’s wider policy framework, which includes its Supplier Code of Conduct, Anti-discrimination Policy and Whistleblower Policy. The Code sets the standards with which all companies within the MTG Group are expected to comply. It states Hutch’s commitment to human rights and accordingly prohibits forced or child labour as well as any forms of exploitation or discrimination. In addition, the Code commits to fair working conditions, including compensation, working hours and freedom of association. At the time of writing, Hutch is in the process of finalising a Whistleblower Policy which is intended to encourage reports on suspected or actual occurrence(s) of illegal, unethical or inappropriate events (behaviours or practices) without retribution. This includes any circumstances that may give rise to a heightened risk of slavery or human trafficking.

All Hutch employees are required to adhere to the Code.

Hutch’s main supply chains include vendors of IT support, data centers, transmission and distribution partners, software and technology contractors.

Moving forward, Hutch will be seeking to incorporate MTG’s Supplier Code of Conduct in contracts with suppliers. Identified violations of the Supplier Code of Conduct will initiate a review of the relevant contract and could potentially lead to a termination. The Supplier Code of Conduct encourages suppliers to act responsibly and adhere to international conventions, laws and regulations with regards to human and labour rights. Suppliers will be able to report any ethical concerns or suspected cases of non-compliance directly to Hutch or via the appropriate whistleblower channel (as set out in the Whisteblower Policy).

Risk assessment and reporting

Where appropriate or prudent to do so, Hutch will consider undertaking or commissioning risk assessments of or within its business and/or supply chain. Hutch intends that any insights gathered from such reports will be used to update Hutch’s business or supply chain process (as appropriate).

Employees are informed and encouraged to report any incidents or concerns regarding breaches of the Code and, moving forward, it is Hutch’s intention that suppliers will be informed and encouraged similarly in accordance with the Supplier Code of Conduct.

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