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Cars + Mobile = Hutch

We’re laser focused on cracking cars on mobile and with 3 Hutch titles in the UK Google Play Store Top 10 for Top Grossing in the racing genre this week - we’re heading in the right direction!

But where did it all begin? Well, we’ve actually been making racing games on mobile since 2011! Check out our motoring milestones below…

Smash Cops - Game of the Week! | Jan 2012

We kicked off our long term partnership with Apple and were amazed at the level of featuring support for our first ever game.

Smash Cops Heat Released | Nov 2012

We tried out the freemium model and developed an early understanding of what would be needed for Hutch to succeed as a games-as-a-service business.

Smash Bandits | Aug 2013

A game we loved making. Some tough lessons learned but it gave us the best named power-up in the world - the A-Team themed ‘Jibba Jabba’!

MMX Racing | July 2014

This game hugely boosted our games-as-a-service understanding, with use of data, competitor analysis and performance marketing all contributing to a prolonged successful game.

Race Kings | Jan 2015

Our first external dev project where we learnt a lot of important lessons that are fundamental to how Hutch works today.

Hill Dash | Jan 2016

We changed our development philosophy and moved toward shorter dev cycles and leaner products. Hill Dash was born from a game jam and released worldwide within 5 months of full time dev!

Top Drives | Sep 2017

This is where our Live Ops era truly kicked off. We began to adapt the way we work to serve the amazing worldwide community that loves Top Drives.

F1 Manager | May 2019

New team, huge brand, huge potential. Still built through our rapid validation process. A challenging launch for the team and they absolutely came through and delivered.

Rebel Racing | November 2019

Broad, relevant global appeal built from the ashes of Race Kings. Rebel Racing continues to grow stronger with updates that respond to the needs of a passionate community of players.

Stick around to see what’s next!