Patch Notes: Update 5.0 2020 Season Now Live

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The F1 Clash 2020 Season is here. Check out what’s new in our biggest update yet!

  • The game has now been updated to reflect the current 2020 F1® season, and everyone who played last season can now claim their hard earned Season Score rewards and get spending their CC Points on all of the game's Assets in the all new Constructor Championship Store!

  • Choose your CC points spending strategy: the Constructor Championship Store will be open far beyond the start of the season. So will you go the route of instant short term gains with early high level unlocks to kickstart your team, or play the long game and save your CC points to upgrade drivers and components gained through Duels and Grand Prix rewards?

  • With a new season comes a fresh chance for dominance! This new update features the full driver roster for the 2020 season along with rebalanced stats, 39 brand new Car Components, all the 2020 official teams and liveries, 12 all new Series for players to pit their managerial wits against other team principals, plus lots more.

  • The update also comes with fixes for a number of bugs and community reported issues.

  • Overtaking and Defending stats have now been revamped to make them more impactful for extra on-track action!

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