Patch Notes: Update 13 The Gameplay Update

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It gives us great pleasure to announce that today we are beginning the rollout of our latest F1 Clash game update, which we are terming “The Gameplay Update”. This update features multiple impactful changes to F1 Clash racing gameplay, including a rebalancing of component stats, a revised and improved overtaking system, changes to how breakdowns work, the introduction of “Team Orders”, and finally changes to how hot weather impacts on both your tyre wear and grip.

Many of these changes have been much requested by the community, so we’re extremely excited to get this update out to you and hear your feedback! Here’s a full rundown on what’s coming in Update 13 – The Gameplay Update:

Component stats rebalance

Upgraded Components will now result in better race performance, meaning that a higher Power will result in faster speeds, higher Reliability in less breakdowns, etc. This should also deter players from equipping Stock Components with maxed out Drivers in order to be matched against weaker Rivals.

Improved overtaking

Get ready for more dynamic races with dozens more overtakes! Cars with worn out tyres, using harder compounds or experiencing a breakdown will not stand a chance anymore unless their Drivers have considerably better Defending stats than your Drivers’ own Overtaking stats.


No more broken down cars going on for entire races or holding up a long queue of traffic! Broken down cars will now be capped at the neutral engine mode, and their performance will start degrading after a few laps and until they are repaired (i.e. they will slow down and start skidding off the track).

Team orders

Drivers directly blocking their team-mate will now more intelligently give way when their team-mate is using softer tyres or a faster driving mode.

Turn down the heat

The effect of high temperatures on tyre wear and grip has been reduced.

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