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Hi Players and welcome to the latest F1® Clash roadmap!

The intention of this roadmap is to give some visibility on what features we’re working on and what you can expect to see coming to F1® Clash.

Please continue reading below for details on how we’ve designed this roadmap and where you’ll find the information you’re looking for.


This roadmap will be divided into 4 categories. Each category denotes different stages of the development process but does not list features in any particular order of expected release. These 4 categories are:

  • Chequered Flag - These features are almost at the finish line. Some final polishing and testing is required before they are ready for release. 

  • Final Lap - Features listed here are in various stages of development. There is more possibility in their timelines moving depending on complexity and testing taking place.

  • Starting Line - In  early stages of development. These features might be spread out of different releases over time and are subject to change.

  • Parc Fermé - Items listed here are in various stages of pre-production, early design, R&D or otherwise. They have not entered any development stage and may never make it into a final release.


As part of this roadmap, it is important to keep in mind that particular features can shift in both timeline and scope. Items that are in the early stages of development have a higher possibility of changing but so do items that appear closer to final release. Some features may never make it to release at all.

This roadmap is not a definitive list of all features or updates being developed. At any given time there are a number of background updates being developed that are not Player facing but may impact the priority or timeline of those features that are.

The order in which features are listed in this roadmap, including what categories they are displayed in, is not a definitive order in which they will be released.

Chequered Flag (Final stages of development)
The chequered flag is very close and with it comes new ways for Players to boost their earnings across many resources as well as reduce their crate opening times! The prestigious Monaco track also makes a return to F1® Clash as well as some much-needed track updates at Abu Dhabi and Spain. Keep reading for other planned track updates planned later down the line.

Final Lap (In various stages of development)
Asset collections will no longer be just for completionists. Earn rewards by expanding your Asset collection and unlock the ability to race with some of the Legends of F1®.

Starting Line (Early stages of design & development)
Continuing the series of track updates for the 2023 Season is the introduction of the Las Vegas track! There’s nothing like a bit of competition between Clubs and we’ve been hearing your requests for exactly that. Along the lines of Player requests, we’re making some improvements to the race debrief screen as well as some long requested changes to Grand Prix Event groupings.

Parc Fermé (Pre-production, early design & research)
Further down the research and design phase are even more engaging ways for Players to test their strategy, earn valuable rewards and participate in further activities with their Clubs.

Thanks for reading! We hope you’ve enjoyed this roadmap and are excited for these features to come to F1® Clash!

If you'd like to discuss this roadmap or F1 Clash in general, be sure to join Discord or follow us on any of our social platforms:

Happy Racing!

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