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Arriving in the latest F1® Clash game update is our hotly anticipated Clubs Beta feature, giving Team Principals the opportunity to join forces to create their own Club of up to a maximum of 50 players and compete for fame and glory!

When in a Club you gain Reputation by winning Duels and Grand Prix™ Events. Reputation will be used to rank Clubs against one another in Exhibitions, which are 4 week-long Clubs Leagues (please note that the first couple of Exhibitions will only last 1 or 2 weeks).

If a Club gets promoted to higher Divisions at the end of an Exhibition, all members will be rewarded with additional bonuses and perks, which include:

- Additional team Loadouts you can store

- Extra flags when winning Duels

- Additional Bucks rewards from Crates

As you can see, the benefits of being a member of a Club can be potentially huge! A list of recommended Clubs is available for you to join, and you can refine it by filtering by name or entry requirements. If you feel like it, why not create your own?

Please note that the ability to join/create a Club will be locked to players until they reach Weekly League Division Junior I.

Update 15 also includes the below feature addition and gameplay improvements:

- Introduction of in-depth player statistics to player profiles

- Rebalancing of defending ability of Hard tyres

- Fix for team orders activating for all players


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