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Update 17 has arrived, introducing some quality of life improvements as well as new information about the 2021 Season Score!

General & Quality of Life Changes

- Players will now see a new pop up when launching the game that outlines the latest details about the 2021 Season Score

- As regularly requested by our community, Update 17 introduces a new feature allowing players to change their in-game display names

- You can now access the Player Profile of players in the same Grand Prix™ Event leaderboard as you

- When opening multiple Crates, you'll now see how many are remaining

- Skip to results button added when opening Crates

- Tyre grip has been rebalanced for wet tracks to make Wet tyres perform better and Soft and Hard tyres lose grip faster after it starts raining. This also means that Drivers with high ‘Wet Weather Ability’ stats will be given a small boost in the wet.

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