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Our latest F1® Clash Update contains multiple Simulation Updates, a list of Bug Fixes & More

- Improvements made to first corners across multiple tracks where cars would become unnecessarily slow

- Fixed an issue on Turn 1 at Zandvoort where cars would run off track

- Fixed cars incorrectly overtaking the Safety Car

- Fixed an issue for a Player's car not recovering fast enough when a teammate's car passes

- Fixed a bug returning Safety Car frequency to expected behaviour

- Fixed tracks having faster lap times with wet tyres and using Boosts than dry conditions

- Fixed Safety Car icon appearing below the track at Zandvoort when using aerial map view

- Fixed difference between fastest lap on Debrief screen and Player Profile screen

- Fix for some Android devices being stuck on boot

- Fixed multiple issues involving unread message pips in Club Chat

- Fixed a bug that could sometimes dramatically increase matchmaking wait times

- Fixed a bug where Rival's pit stop count is 1 higher in Debrief screen than actual count

- Fixed a bug where Pit Pass Trophy progress bar would not update in some situations

- Fixed a bug where Players would become stuck in a loop after completing a Grand Prix™ Event

- Fixed several bugs regarding Pit Pass Trophy Bar animations

- Fixed a bug where wheel rims would display incorrectly during pit stops

- Fixed a bug for Android devices where a delayed Store price would display a placeholder price instead

- Changes to GP Event difficulty communication text

- Improvements to Player statistics making them more readable

- Changes to the matchmaking flow preventing players from freely targeting easier Rivals

- Additional bug fixes, backend updates and optimisation changes

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