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Our latest F1® Clash Update contains several new updates and a number of bug fixes. See below for further details:

New Features

  • Introducing Power-Ups!
    Power-ups grant a temporary boost to the player's income from various resources such as Coins, Reputation, Trophies, Flags and Crate opening time. These Power-ups can be obtained through various in-game elements such as the Daily Spinner, Pit Pass and more to come.

  • A new Overtaking & Defending UI
    An improved visualisation of the duelling mechanic between cars; giving Players visual feedback on their cars actions during races.

  • Circuit de Monaco returns to F1 Clash
    The legendary Monaco track returns to F1® Clash.

  • Updates to Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya & Yas Marina Tracks
    Recent updates to these tracks to be in line with the 2023 F1® Season.

  • Club Preview from Invite
    A common request from the Community; Players will now be able to view the details of a Club directly from a Club Invite instead of having to manually search for the Club.

  • Grand Prix Event Tie Break rules now displayed in-game
    The rules determining Tie Breaks in weekly Events will now be more readily available to view in-game instead of simply located in the FAQ.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a bug which resulted in low-Level Common Drivers appearing to have a faster lap time than high-Level Epic Drivers on the Pre-Race countdown screen.

  • Fixed a bug causing some Players to be stuck in a restart loop after purchasing an in-game Offer.

  • Fixed a bug causing some Players to see the 2023 Season transition on every boot.

  • Changes made to correct Drivers appearing to start races with different Power Unit levels.

  • Fixed a bug which caused Player cars to duel each other during races, impacting their performance.


  • Fixed a bug with Component names scaling incorrectly.

  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect asset trade values were displayed on the ‘Not Enough Assets’ warning popup.

  • Fixed a bug causing Club Chat messages to double up.

  • Fixed a bug causing the Sprint Race results pop-up to not appear on boot.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Opening Round Event results to appear on the Qualifying Round results screen. 

  • Fixed a bug causing Players to receive a different Sprint Race group reward than their final position placement reflected. 


  • Fixed a bug where some AI tyre selection results would result in a race crash.

  • Fixed an exception that could make some network races end abruptly after matchmaking was finished.

  • Fixed a bug that sometimes resulted in a game crash when equipping the same Boost across both Drivers.

  • Changes made to resolve some Players being locked out of the game after receiving Sprint Race rewards.


  • Reverted game rule changes introduced in v29 which caused several unintentional side effects not limited to AI opponents appearing significantly stronger.

  • Added an artificial speed limiter for cars using the incorrect weather tyre compounds. 

  • Added custom game rules for tyre wear, reliability degradation & increasing Power Unit recharge rate to the Marina Bay track to require all cars to pit at least once during races. 

  • Improved pit lane traffic mechanics and pit lane driving behaviours.

  • Changes made to ensure Grand Prix Event opponents stay within the bounds of Asset limitations for each tier.

  • Improvements made to reduce cars bunching in corners on Yas Marina, Miami, Monza, Suzuka & Marina Bay tracks.

  • Improved slow pit lane exit on the Silverstone track.

  • Required updates made to the Ferrari livery.

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