Patch Notes: Update 6.0 Friends Leaderboard is live!

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First of all we'd just like to say a quick thanks to all of you out there in the community that have left us feedback on the game, it's extremely valuable to us and this latest update to the game is based heavily on your comments.

We're sure you're excited to know what's coming so let's get started with a recap of the most important changes!

  • The Friends leaderboard is live, see how you measure up against your Facebook Friends!

  • Get a better idea of who you're up against: the highest flag count reached by each player this season has been added to the matchmaking screen

  • Drivers too chatty? Turn off the team radio via the Settings menu!

  • You can now preview the stats of each Asset at max level

  • Added a confirmation popup when purchasing coins

  • Car behaviour refinements whilst moving through the pit lane

  • Reduction in tyre wear during safety laps

  • Your 2020 loadout will no longer be reset when you make a change to your 2019 loadout

  • Emotes sent during races now animate!

  • Fixes for other minor bugs

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