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Hutch Team Answering Questions:

@Hutch_Ian - Game Director

@Hutch_Graeme - Game Producer

@Hutch_Steve - Tech Lead

@Hutch_Bob - Emperor Zurg

@Hutch_Katie - Community Manager

Q: When are you releasing the A class Custom RUF? Can you please release it the club competition.

A: We don't have plans to release it soon, it may come out as a Club Season Prize, an Offer or an Event Prize

Q:How about some prizes for reaching a certain amount of Club points?

Bcuz atm it's like playing for 13 days and you may end up not getting good rewards.

So the milestones rewards could be anything like golds, keys, even fusions for high Club points.

A: Milestone prizes are something we want to add further down the road. We've been discussing which Club features we want to focus on next

Q: Why are decals and paint so rare in events?

A: We have had a limited number of Paints approved by Manufacturers in the past, but I'm currently working with the team to expand the paints, caliper and wheel colours!

Some of the new cars have 6 Finish types and over 100 Body Paint colour options! (Subject to the new and old manufacturers approving them all)

Q:Why do you not have some events on Monday/Tuesday? Run one or two events these days while the ladders are on so we have something else to do than wait one hour for one more ladder step.

A: We currently reserve Monday and Tuesday morning for app updates.

We reserve Monday's for any updates that are needed for the game. If a Head-to-Head is running when an update goes out, it can cause a lot of issues for players active in those events.

We have a Head-to-Head starting on a Tuesday next week!

Q:Why are our spare cars nerfed so severely in credit points used to upgraded our cars? You went to a crazy extreme with this imho.

A: We're focusing on trying to bring the value back to these parts of the game.

Farming Cash has essentially made fusing a very trivial element of the game and we're correcting for that.

Q: When will the new pink decal drop?

A: As soon as @Hutch_Ian puts in all the prices! It's in a big list of colours that need pricing up and then it'll go out with the nearest update once done

Q: Can you please offer spare parts more often in the shop, instead of 24 hours make it 6 or 12 hours. We need so many S6 parts to level cars, and they are impossible to get. I haven't seen one piston in two months.

A: This isn't something we're looking to do. If you're looking for Stage 6 parts then PvP is your best place to find them.

We're planning to bring in Resource Keys that would open Resource Creates with a chance of dropping Stage 6 Resources

Q: Will the leftover areas in the east and north of the map be used as locations to drive on? The mountains and the wide beach on the east looks great to be driven in a buggy.

A: Possibly, we have some future expansions in new areas, some of which may fit into the world map. Those are some way away though

Q: Clubs should have the option of the owner to be public or private, when private an invite would be needed to join. There should also be an option for the leader to make assistants that can invite as well.

A: This was in the longer term design though it will take some time to get to. We had a design around a queue and approval system

Q: Are we allowed to know how many people take part in the beta program?

A: Hey! The beta season is open to all players above level 40. So far we've had 20000 players enter clubs.

Those are spread over 2,000 clubs

Q: Do u consider giving more keys in weekly h2h? Since it is quite hard for us to get enough fusion food for high tier cars now, considering how worthless cash cars is for fusing rn

A: We will take the feedback on board. The current places to earn keys as a F2P player are in the Daily Races, Daily Reward, Level Up Rewards, Ad Crates and Cash entry Events.

Q: pls remove All Tier B and below cash cars in crates since we all don't want extreme frustration

A: We will be removing these Cash purchase cars from Silver and Gold Crates in the next update

Q: What is the length of each season ?

A: Hey, we're gonna be trying out 2 and 3 week seasons. But its something we're discussing and will adjust based on data and feedback.

Q: What happens to your club after the season is over? Do we start from scratch next season or can we maintain them somehow?

A: When a Club Season is over we will have Events around the Club Season Prize Car.

Players will remain in their Clubs and the next Season will start everyone at 0 points. We are looking at ways to celebrate the winners of previous Seasons and keep a record of past Season winners

Q: Can you add a free Tesla?

A: We don't have a licensing agreement with Tesla. If we did, we wouldn't give the car away for free.

Q: When can we have rainy tracks? I suggested it long time ago... It will be a very good addition to the game as cars with lower traction will feel difficulty in racing on these tracks and also can be very interesting in h2h event and will also give chances to cars that people mostly don't use.

A: It would be fun, snowy tracks as well! There are questions around how much it would impact car handling in non drift areas and also in drift areas. I'll give it some thought for future updates but can't promise anything in the near future.

Q: Can ladders that are level 39 and under be opened to anyone. - I don't see the logic in stopping other players doing these

A: This is a one off for the Clubs Beta Programme so that we can separate the players who have access to the Clubs and those who don't while maintaining closer to what we would have once Clubs are rolled out more widely

Q: Is there something like acceleration/mid- range acceleration in Rebel Racing too? I noticed in Mini Custom vs JCW h2h that Custom one start quickly but JCW overtakes it easily... Can be checked on the track "Fast Lanes" In Italy.

A: We don't quantify mid-range acceleration in the way that Top Drives does, if that's what you mean?

Q: Who are the new manufacturers coming into the game?



Q: What do you think about stripping cars that could have a small chance to give a manufacteur augment?

A: I'm not sure it's something that we'd do, but I do like it as an idea ^^

Q: Any idea if we ever get access to the other parts of the main island anytime in the future (like the one I suggested last year)?

A: We're working on the next part of the map. No ETA yet though.

Q: Can you tell us how new and middle ranking players are supposed to compete in the game now that fusion is going to become so difficult and there are loads of experienced players out there with literally hundreds of maxed out cars across all tiers?

A: There are lots of Keys available through Daily Races, Daily Rewards, Level Up Rewards, Ad Crates, Campaign Ladders and Cash entry Events. And if players are saving up Gold from Crates and Ad Crates then Gold can be used to enter further Events and get more Keys. We've also added Keys as prizes to Car Clubs.

So, it will take time but it's possible to compete especially if a player focuses on some cars. The requirements are also lower for the Lower Tier Events which we run fairly consistently. We're also going to be adding Fusion Credit Keys to make it easier to get Fusion Keys for other manufacturers. And we are working on more features that will bring more prizes this year.

Q: It will be nearly impossible for newbies to complete career ladders now... Due to new changes in the fusion food.

A: It's not a requirement to complete Career ladders to progress and if those players stick with the game it's possible to get around to them in the longer term.

Q: Is one of the new manufactures from Europe?

A: We're super excited to have Porsche in the game and they are of course a German manufacturer

Q: Feedback on CLUBS:

Setup short events which runs for certain time ( 2- 3 days) where clubs can participate to gets the rewards. This will keep up the excitement and fun in clubs. 2 weeks is way too long; it will eventually kill the mood and head towards boredom.

Set up a cut off timer for joining clubs; so racers cannot exploit joining clubs in last hours to get rewards.

This is most important user should request permissions to join the CLUB, and honestly very surprising it was not done before as it should have been the first thing on list when you designed the CLUBS.

Public / Private feature is must for clubs. In the event leader is busy he can set the club to Public mode over night for racers to join and later switch back to Private mode.

Overall its a great effort by your team and a very nice addition in the game. Good work

A: Clubs are a meta-feature that are intended to be focused on alongside Events.

We will be adding more features to Clubs to help keep them compelling.

We'll look into cut-off times though I suspect it's unlikely that high scoring Clubs will have empty slots towards the end of a Season. We'll look into it though.

The first thing on the list for designing Clubs was the idea that you can be in a Club!

Club application queues are something we have looked into though they're not a Silver bullet - they would be a lot more demanding on the owner to manage the Club. The ability to make a Club private or stop people joining are probably a quicker thing to implement.

The Club management issues do tend to become less important over time. We're considering this next to other features like Chat, Requests, Timed Boosts and Milestone prizes.

This is a very old wireframe to show what we were looking at:

Approval Wireframe

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