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The Arrival of Off-Road
We have endlessly teased the Off-Road release with 4x4’s appearing in our adverts, trailer and loading screens. But the wait is finally over, and you can now race one of these Off Road monsters in a brand-new campaign.

New race camera options
Not a fan of the default camera angle when racing? Well, you aren’t alone. We received multiple suggestions from players requesting additional camera angles. To help you race comfortably, we have added 2 more camera angles so you can view the road ahead from the bonnet or front bumper of your car. Tap the camera icon at the top of your race screen to toggle the view!

Look Behind Camera
Dodge, drift, dip, dive, and dodge your upcoming opponents with the new Look Behind Camera. You know your enemy is close, but how close? And where exactly are they positioned behind you? Take a glance with the look back option and know exactly what they are up to and defend your position.

Tilt Control Sensitivity Settings
Players asked for the ability to race their cars with Tilt Controls, and we listened and added them to the game in March. Some players found the default tilt sensitivity wasn’t enough or was too much - so we’ve created sensitivity settings for you to find the right setting for you.

New options screen
With new Sensitivity options comes a new Setting/Option screen to display it in. You can find all of your useful settings in a fresh, updated screen. Make sure you follow the Rebel Racing channels for more game news and competitions!

Drivatars on the Map Screen
When you’re looking for your next race on the map, you’ll spot some familiar faces driving around their Tier Zones!
Our top bosses are driving around at the moment and can’t be interacted with, but we plan to do more with these in the future.

Car import crates are no longer Tier specific
To simplify crates, there are now only 3 crate options to select from rather than 15. Make sure you press the “Possible contents” button to read the drops for these new crates.

New layout on the main cars page of the shop
You can find the new Off Road cars in their own section now!
If you filter by manufacturer, you can find Off Road cars in these groups too.

Removal of KTPlay
Our in-game forum has served us well, but the Discord server has proven to be a great place for the Rebel Racing team to talk to players. From the release of this update the in-game forum will be removed from Rebel Racing. Do join us on Discord to hear about the latest events, game news and to take part in competitions!

Car PP Changes
You might notice there’s been changes to PP in your garage. This was due to a Unity upgrade that we’ve had to perform for future stability and continued updates.

All cars have been updated for everyone, so nobody will gain or lose any advantage, and you definitely won't notice a change in the handling of your cars.

PP unlocks have changed accordingly for boss races and other events so should take the same amount of upgrades to get to and beat.

We hope that all makes sense but if not please ask any questions you may have.

Thanks for playing and enjoy the new Off Road content - Do send us your feedback, Garage pics and Videos!

Let's get muddy!

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