Patch Notes: Jul 6, 2020

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Google Log-in Button (Android Only)
Previously the option for Goole Play log-in only popped up when you first played the game. If you dismissed it at the time, you now have the option to do so via a button in the setting's menu.

Event Cash Entry Support
Players have requested the option for event entry to use Cash. We’ve created in-game support for this, and we will be able to offer events with a cash price entry in the future. Keep an eye on your Inbox for information on Cash Entry events!

Server Configuration Changes
Some players experienced network errors when a request took a longer than usual time to process. We have adjusted the servers to allow more time to process the requests, this should improve the game experience for those players. We will continue to monitor player feedback to ensure player issues are resolved.
We have also added in additional analytics to the game to improve our game monitoring.

Game Changes

  • Players who don’t buy the Super Boost and lose the Boss race now get the option to buy Super Boost on a re-try

  • If a Head-to-Head race is ‘rage-quit’ it will no-longer show a time of 00:00:000, instead it will show --:--:--. “FORFEIT” will display in the text area for the player name rather than remain blank.

  • Updated augment slots for Tier C (D,C,B) and Tier B (C,B,A)

  • Easy money and Ladder races have been added to Off-Road. Ladder races will become available soon.

Bug Fixes


  • UI Fixes for multiple languages to correct text display issues.

  • Accessibility improvements made to the UI.

  • Fixed issue with loot crate icons disappearing after first load.

  • Adjusted car positions in photo mode Setup 1 to prevent large trucks from colliding with each other.

  • Chevrolet K5 Blazer Daily Test Drive has been rebalanced.

  • Fix for issue where the fuel remaining amount on the top bar does not correspond to real fuel value.

  • The “race lost” music track no longer plays over the Reward Ad that the user chooses to watch in order to retry a race.

  • Fixed an issue on Android, where players using the ‘Back’ button whilst a daily reward bonus is animating, could end up stuck with the in-game UI out of focus and un-interactive.

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