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Game Changes

Clubs BETA! Everything is better with friends. Create your own club, invite friends to join you and compete against other Clubs to win amazing prizes.

Setting up your club is 25Gold but joining a club is free! Think of a catchy name for your Club and design an eye-catching Badge to go with it.

You can have up to 30 members in your Club, so get your friends and family involved and get racing. The higher your Tier and the more upgraded your car, the more points you’ll earn for your Club. Try entering different race types to see which races reward you the most bonus points.

The higher Tier and Star rated cars give a bigger Club Points bonus. Minis, for this BETA season will give 3x as many Club Points over other manufacturers.

Additionally, you can win your team the most Club Points in Ladders and PvP races.

Club BETA rewards are paid at the end of a Season, so you will want to participate as much as you can to help your Club achieve greatness! The BETA season will run from Tuesday, February 16th until Monday, March 1st.

New Car! The MINI John Cooper Works X-Raid Buggy joins Rebel Racing as a BETA Season prize!

Not level 40 yet but still want your chance to get your hands on an X-Raid? Make sure to follow Rebel Racing on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to take part in competitions to win your own!

The Future of Clubs This is a BETA season, and we have more awesome features coming to Clubs in a future update. We will be announcing the global release date for clubs in March, along with any level entry requirements.

Don’t forget to share your feedback and ideas with us in the suggestions channel!

Events We’ve added in a number of events with the level restrictions of 1-39 or 40+. These events are split so those participating in the BETA can compete for Club Points, but players not in the BETA can still take part in their own exclusive events.

The BETA Season will end during the Rebel Racing team’s working hours to make sure everything completes smoothly; This will mean some events will end at 10:00(GMT) rather than the usual 04:00(GMT).

The 40 Rung Ladder has returned and based on player feedback from the first event, we have extended the play time by 2 days and the ticket re-gen time is back to standard.

Scoring Change Ghosts will now lose 50% of points in head-to-head events.

Car UpdatesWe have corrected the PP values of the Tier D Chevrolet K5 Blazer. The Tier D Chevrolet K5 Blazer can still achieve the same track times as before, but the PP values have been corrected to better reflect its abilities.

Was: Tier D Chevrolet K5 Blazer min/max PP 208 / 295

Now: Tier D Chevrolet K5 Blazer min/max PP 206 / 290

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