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Clubs Worldwide LaunchClubs are now open to all players who complete the game intro! The new season begins Tuesday, 30th March 2021 with club members competing for the NEW 1986 Porsche 959.

Clubs are accessible to all players that have finished the game introduction play through and aren’t restricted by player level.

During the BETA we had a temporary low cost for players to create a club, but this cost has now increased to 250 Gold for the worldwide launch. If you choose to create a club, you can set a catchy name, description and eye-catching Badge for it.

Try entering different race types to see which races reward you the most bonus points.

Hot Tip: You can win your team the most Club Points in Ladders and Head-to-Head events.

MINI Vehicles will no longer give 3x Club Points. Instead, they are replaced with Porsche Cars giving 3x bonus Club Points for the duration of the Season.

Interested in the structure of the club seasons? A Rebel Racing season will be 3 weeks long with a 1-week break between seasons. This 28-day calendar will bring with it new event patterns each week and a new game update before the start of the new season.

Expect to see more cars being added to Rebel Racing in 2021, with a mystery Manufacturer to be announced later in the year!

We have made some general improvements to the club screens based on player feedback:

  • The club reporting pop-up and confirmation pop-up are now reworked to be clearer.

  • We have added in a confirmation pop-up to “create club” and “kick member”. Just so you can be really sure it’s what you wanted to do!

Club rewards are paid at the end of a Season, so you will want to participate as much as you can to help your club achieve greatness!

New Cars!

Porsche has been a popular new Manufacturer request from players across all social channels, with Rebels wishing to see a broad range of models. These new cars have over 100 custom body paints, 38 Caliper Colours and 58 wheels colours to add variety to your Porsche garage!

Here are the first 3 cars for Porsche:

  • Tier A 1986 Porsche 959

    • This is the club season prize!

  • Tier B 1974 Porsche 911 (930) Turbo

    • Will be available in a Porsche Season 1 Crate for 100 Gold Key

  • Tier A 2019 Porsche Cayman 718 GT4 Clubsport

    • This car will be available in Week 2 of the club season. It can be bought in two ways: 1 for $19.99 on its own, or as a bundle deal for $49.99. The bundle includes:

      • 2019 Porsche Cayman 718 GT4 Clubsport,

      • 5x Tier A Porsche Augments

      • 300x Gold Keys

      • 1100 Gold.

Other Game Changes

  • If you purchase the Porsche S1 Crate, your purchase is covered by a new feature that guarantees the 1974 Porsche 911 (930) Turbo on, or before, your fifth crate.

  • When entering a Ladder event, you will no-longer see difficulty indicators on each rung.

  • Gold and Silver crates now give a guaranteed drop of Gold

  • Cars that can be bought from the shop for cash, will no-longer drop from crates.

  • Cars that are bought for Cash can no-longer be used for Fusion

  • Ghosts will now lose 50% of their points in head-to-head events.

  • The MINI X-Raid John Cooper Works Buggy Decals are now in the game. Players who won these rewards last season, will now be able to apply them to their vehicle.

  • Power Points for the 2014 Chevrolet Camaro 3* have been adjusted from196PP to 198PP to more accurately reflect the cars abilities.

The Future of ClubsNow that clubs are available worldwide, we aren’t stopping here! In 2021, we will be bringing out additional features for clubs including chat, boosts and membership requests.

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