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Welcome to Clubs Season 3! In this bumper update, we have many new features and changes to the game.

In Season 3 all Porsche vehicles will award Bonus Club points in all race types, so spruce up your Porsche Collection and prepare to compete!

New Cars!

  • Week 1: Tier D Porsche 356A Carrera Speedster

    • This will come in a Porsche crate costing 100 Silver Keys and guarantees you the Car

  • Week 2: Tier A Porsche Carrera GT

    • This is in a Porsche Crate costing 100 Gold Keys. This crate guarantees you the Porsche Carrera GT on or before your 7th Crate.

  • Week 3: Tier C Porsche 968 Clubsport

    • This car will be the Clubs Season 3 Prize Car! Clubs finishing in positions 1-20 will be awarded this car. Those who battle the hardest and finish 1st, will be awarded additional customizations.

Please note that the Porsche is not *available in standard crates in Car Imports.*Clubs will be locked 3 days from the end of the season. During this time, Club admins cannot recruit or remove players from their Club.

New feature - Rebel Pass!

Rebel Pass is our biggest newest feature, giving all players a bounty of challenges to complete for rewards. Complete Daily and Weekly Challenges to win points, these points level up your Rebel Pass to unlock various prizes. All levels, with any of the Pass types, can be completed instantly by spending Gold.

Free Pass

The Free Pass is available to everyone and will give away small prizes at various levels (but not all).If you have the Free Pass, you can change to the Pro Pass at any level. Doing this will award all the Pro Pass prizes up to that level, so you haven’t missed out.

So, if you reach level 50 and finish the Free Pass and then decide that you want all the Pro Pass goodies, you can buy the $9.99 Pro Pass and get them instantly

Pro Pass

The Pro Pass will be available for $9.99 and will award bigger prizes at every level of the Rebel Pass. Purchase the Pro Pass at any level of the Free Pass to receive the rewards for previous completed levels too.

Veteran Pass

The Veteran Pass will be available for $19.99. It's only purchasable at Rebel Pass Level 0. By purchasing the Veteran Pass, you instantly complete and collect the rewards for the first 15 levels. This gives you a big head start as you aim to unlock the Top Prize, and is cheaper than paying to skip the first 15 levels with Gold manually without the Veteran Pass.

Players with Pro Pass or Veteran Pass, who complete all 50 Rebel Pass Levels will unlock the Top Prize - Tier A 2015 RUF RT35 S (Custom). The RUF RT35 S (Custom) is a strong competitor on tracks, and is definitely one you’ll want to add to your garage!

Daily Challenges

Completing a Challenge awards Rebel Pass Points that contribute to levelling up your Rebel Pass. More difficult Daily Challenges will give more Rebel Pass Points than easier ones. Here are a couple of examples of Daily Challenge types: “Drift 750 meters in a Ford” or “Finish 1.1 Beach Road in under 25 Seconds”.

The minimum number of points you could earn in a day is 6,300, and the maximum points you could earn is 9,000, depending on the Challenge difficulty.

You can only do a limited number of Daily Challenges per Day, and you cannot complete the Rebel Pass in a single day just by doing daily challenges.

Any Daily Challenges not completed that day will expire, and new Challenges will appear the following day.If you have any Daily Challenges you don’t think you can complete, you can re-roll/swap the challenge for a Cash cost. This will help you if you are struggling to complete a challenge, or not enjoying that challenge.

Weekly Challenges

Each week, players will receive 10 Weekly Challenges that are more difficult, or require interactions on multiple days. Here are some examples of Weekly Challenges, “Log in on 3 different Days” or “Earn 250,000 Cash”.Harder Weekly Challenges will give more Rebel Pass Points than easier ones.

Weekly Challenges do not expire, once they appear they are active for the duration of the Rebel Pass. Unlike Daily Challenges, Weekly Challenges cannot be re-rolled or swapped.***New Event Type - Smash Events 2.0!***We have come up with a new Smash Event type that we will run more often and with a greater variety of Cars.

In these races, there will be rows of Mystery Crates for you to smash your way through. The value of each crate is unknown until you smash through it. Depending on your score at the end of the run you will get a small cash prize, and collect up to 3 crate prizes - 1-Star Crate, 2-Star Crate and a 3-Star Crate.Smash Event cost:

  • 1st entry = FREE

  • All re-runs = $0.99

To unlock the crates, you will need to earn the following points:

  • Tier 1 Crate - Points required 20

  • Tier 2 Crate - Points required 165

  • Tier 3 Crate - Points required 300

Other Game Changes


Based on player feedback around resources, we have made changes to the resource costs. Whilst a few resource types have increased, the higher Stage resources have come down in price. Here are the price changes for resources by Tier:

  • Stage 2 - Were 10/15 Gold. Now 15 Gold

  • Stage 3 - Were 20/25 Gold. Now 25 Gold

  • Stage 4 - Were 40/50 Gold. Now 40 Gold

  • Stage 5 - Were 60/70/80 Gold. Now 45 Gold

  • Stage 6 - Were not purchasable in general or could be found in the Resource Shop for 100 Gold. Now purchasable all the time and reduced to 50G

We have also reviewed the number of Stage 5 and 6 parts required for Tier S cars. The following change has been made:

  • Tier S Cars now only require 6x Stage 5 Resources (Was 8x) per Type, and 8x Stage 6 Resources (Was 10x)

The number of resources you can hold has been increased:

  • Stage 2 : Was 10, now 12

  • Stage 3 : Was 10 now 12

  • Stage 4 : Was 15 now 18

  • Stage 5 : No change

  • Stage 6 : No change


Club Entry level is now set to level 8.

Players below that and in a club will remain in their club. If a player under level 8 leaves their club, then the clubs button will appear greyed out, and they will be unable to join a new club until they reach level 8.Live Events:We will be moving away from manually posting event information in Discord. Instead, players will now be notified about upcoming events through the new in-game panel.New events will show in game up to 5 days before it pops up on your map.

**Garage:**When filtering your vehicles in the garage, a player's 5 hub cars remain at the front of the panel, allowing players to swap out garage cars more easily.

Coloured Decals

For the first time, you can now purchase Coloured Decals for your Porsche cars. Keep an eye out for events offering coloured decals as prizes in events too!More manufacturers will have coloured decals added to their customization options in the future.

Bug Fixes:

  • Mustang GT Headlights have lost their cool mirror effect. It wasn’t intended.

  • The correct Opponent difficulty and point rewards will display from the start of events

  • The 6* Porsche Spyder has had a stat correction and is no-longer outperformed by the 5* Porsche Spyder

Don’t forget to share your feedback and ideas with us in the Discord suggestions channel!

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